Sunday, July 28, 2013

When History Repeats...

There once was a country that was due to host  the next  Winter Olympic Games.  This nation had worked very hard  to secure the games.    This  nation's leader saw it a  matter of both national and personal pride.  His nation  was emerging from  period of  economic  and political upheaval  stemming from  the collapse of it's former imperial system and the resulting loss in prestige.

Less than a year  out  from those upcoming games,  this nation passed a host of new laws which specifically targeted  one minority group, painting a picture of this group as a threat to children, the nation, and society at large.   the new laws  stated:
  • Marriages for members of this minority were forbidden. 
  • Sexual relations for members of this minority group were either restricted or forbidden. 
  • Members of this minority group could be fired from jobs for no reason other than for who they were. 
  • Members of this minority group were officially branded a security risk to the state.
As a result of these new laws being passed, groups of young thugs were reportedly emboldened into seeking out members of this minority group and harassing, beating and in some cases, torturing and even killing them.

The response from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at the time ..... Silence.   Not one word of protest was heard, and a year later in 1936, just a few months after the passage of the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, targeting Germany's Jewish population; The Winter Olympics were held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany, under the watchful gaze of Germany's aggressive, charismatic leader, Adolf Hitler.

Funny how history often repeats itself ... Fast forward 78 years to 2013. We are less than a year out from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. An Olympic Games viewed by many as Russia's re-emergence on to the world cultural stage since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and clearly a point of personal pride for Russia's "macho-man" President, Vladimir Putin.

With only months go to before the opening ceremony of these games, Russia has seen fit to pass new laws which ..... specifically targets one minority group for discrimination and even criminal prosecution,  for no reason other than for who they are.

(From the Guardian.)

Russia's parliament has unanimously passed a federal law banning gay "propaganda" amid a Kremlin push to enshrine deeply conservative values that critics say has already led to a sharp increase in anti-gay violence.

The law passed 436-0 on Tuesday, with just one deputy abstaining from voting on the bill, which bans the spreading of "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations" among minors. The law in effect makes it illegal to equate straight and gay relationships, as well as the distribution of material on gay rights. It introduces fines for individuals and media groups found guilty of breaking the law, as well as special fines for foreigners.

Minutes after passing the anti-gay legislation, the Duma also approved a new law allowing jail sentences of up to three years for "offending religious feelings", an initiative launched in the wake of the trial against the anti-Kremlin punk band Pussy Riot. The two laws were widely criticised by Russia's marginalised liberal and human rights communities and come amid a wider crackdown against independent civil activity in the country.

Right on cue,  we get this report   from  Eastern European Human Rights watch dog group  Spectrum Human Rights Alliance.: 
President Putin's crusade against LGBT community in Russia took a new turn.
Infamous Russian ultra nationalist and former skin head, Maxim Martsinkevich, known under the nickname "Cleaver" (or "Tesak" in Russian) spearheaded a country wide campaign against LGBT teens using a popular social network to lure unsuspected victims through personal ads.

  Oddly enough their idea of fighting pedophiles targets exclusively male teenagers who respond to the same-sex personal ads and show up for a date. Captured victims are bullied and often tortured while being recorded on video.  These self-proclaimed "crime fighters" perform their actions under the broad day light, often outside and clearly visible to general public that indifferently passes by or even commend them. 

Video recordings of bullying and tortures are freely distributed on the Internet in order to out LGBT teens to their respective schools, parents and friends. Many victims were driven to suicides, the rest are deeply traumatized.    So far Russian police took no action against these "movements" even though Russian criminal code was clearly violated and despite numerous complaints from parents, victims and LGBT activists.  
Imagine for one moment if Russia's new laws were targeting Blacks, or Asians, or Women, or even Christians. Imagine groups of thugs using social media to lure any of those aforementioned groups into traps where they were beaten and tortured The global outcry would be deafening. 

The list of nations  boycotting the games in Sochi, would be so long that the IOC would have moved so fast to pull the games out of Russia,  as to make President Putin's head spin.  Yet just like with the Jews in 1935, to target Gays and Lesbians in 2013 garners barely a shrug from the International Olympic " family". Instead we get this:

The International Olympic Committee said Friday that athletes and visitors attending the 2014 Sochi Games in Russia will not be affected by anti-gay legislation passed last month.
"The IOC has received assurances from the highest level of government in Russia that the legislation will not affect those attending or taking part in the Games," according to the statement emailed to USA TODAY Sports.
The IOC also said: "The International Olympic Committee is clear that sport is a human right and should be available to all regardless of race, sex or sexual orientation. The Games themselves should be open to all, free of discrimination, and that applies to spectators, officials, media and of course athletes. We would oppose in the strongest terms any move that would jeopardise this principle."
Did you catch that? The response from the IOC is not that the laws in question are horrific
and wrong, but rather; "Oh don't worry... Putin has promised that he probably won't enforce these laws against people coming to Russia for the Olympics." Not that the brutal targeting and torture of LGBT youth in Russia must stop, but rather all those Gay Olympians and fans from outside Russia needn't worry about their own safety.

Now I hear many of you saying; "C'mon Dave! You are not really equating Russia in 2013 to Nazi Germany in 1935 are you ?"  Yes I am.   Am I equating Vladimir Putin with Adolf Hitler? Yes I am.   Am I saying the skinhead thugs who are attacking LGBT teens in Russia are the same as the Nazi supporters in the 1930's who attacked Jewish homes, shops and synagogues? Yes I am.

When you use the power of the state to scapegoat one minority for no other reasons than bigotry, and political expedience; When you allow a minority group to be terrorized, brutalized and marginalized for no other reason than they cant fight back; When you brand a minority group as less than human, and therefore deserving of inhuman treatment;   When you do these things, you are no different than the Nazi Brownshirts of Krystalnacht and the regime of Adolf Hitler that urged them on.

The IOC owes it to history, it owes it to the memory of those who could have possibly been helped, in 1935 when the Olympic Family was in a position to say this is wrong. The IOC owes it the LGBT citizens of not only Russia, but everywhere, to this time, do what is right, to live up to the words of the Olympic motto and take a stand for human rights.

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games must be moved out of Russia, and these modern day Anti Gay "Nuremberg Laws", must be loudly and unequivocally condemned.

Anything less, is just history repeating.

Authors Note - Special thanks to the incredible Stephen Fry for his support in getting this message out...


  1. Thank you! I thought hubby and myself were the only ones who viewed Putin that way. He is one scary scary human, and to my mind is capable of nearly any evil deed.

    The IOC needs to be strong enough to pull the Olympics from Russia if they won't withdraw this law. My concern however, is they will get rid of the law only for the Olympics and then re-instate it afterwards. Life is going to be hell for our LGBT brethren for the foreseeable future.

  2. If all countries, athletes and spectators would boycott it would send a very clear message despite the IOC.

  3. You are correct he has the potential to become something truly horrific if it is allowed to happen and everyone stands there with their hands in their pockets refusing to see basic human rights violations. NO PERSON deserves to be tortured! What is wrong with this world! No god would support hateful and shameful behavior such as this. Don't hide behind religious beliefs, as religious beliefs are not an excuse to hate. If this can happen to one group of people it CAN and WILL happen to others. This is not just about the LGBT community it is about a government taking away human rights anytime it suits their fancy. What if tomorrow someone wakes up and decides to take away the rights of all Catholic people or people with hazel eyes? Where will it end.
    Even in the US our government whether local or federal strips people of their rights with the double edge sword of gay marriage will be recognized in this state but not in that state. And here lies my question...What exactly are they hurting? The response that I get from most is, "it's wrong?" When I ask why it is wrong I always get the same response, a blank stare or some reason pertaining to religion. So what about separation of church and State? There is none...if you are worried about the Moral corruption of society how about persecuting someone for their sexual orientation, what about teen pregnancy, domestic violence, the divorce rate in heterosexual couples, the amount of adultery that happens on a daily basis, gangs, and drugs. That is not even the tip of the iceburg. When are people going to open their eyes and start seeing what is around them? If you need the answer it is "other people"; not skin color, religion, race, or sexual orientation. Just beautiful people. I would like for the nation's leaders to sit and talk to my 5 and 6 year old daughters they could teach the adults in this world a lot, and yes acceptance is that easy. It is simple enough for small children to understand. Where have some adults lost their way.

  4. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Thank you for posting this. It's so important that these connections are realized and that we actually DO SOMETHING about it!

  5. Thank you for this post. It was informative and the facts are disgusting.

  6. I was having this exact conversation with a friend today. Hitler blamed the economy on the Jews and made them a national enemy. Putin is blaming the lowering birth rate on gay people. How can any sane political leader blame a group of people for the nations problems? Stop making scapegoats! We must stand together and help those who need us.

  7. Anonymous1:13 AM

    I must agree that passing such laws is a violation of human rights and should be condemned. Minority or no, no one should be targeted like this. To say you do not agree with people being homosexual is fine, it is just an opinion. But to pass laws that justify the brutalizing of them is another. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but know one has the right to force it down someone's throat nor persecute those they do not agree with.

  8. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Link to the global petition to the IOC demanding strong action on this issue:

  9. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Maybe the official partners needs to be asked why they sponsor this.

    Our do all these companies support the Russian violation of human rights?

  10. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Don't just boycott the Winter Olympics. Send messages to all the commercial organisations that you will be boycotting their products as well and that you'll be campaigning for others to do the same.

    No sponsorship, no Olympics.

    Hit them in their pockets.

  11. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Winter Olympics worldwide partners:

    Coca Cola
    Procter and Gamble

    Boycott the lot.

  12. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Good point.

    Thanks for opening the eyes of people and reminding everybody that we can actually LEARN from history!

  13. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Its so scary when you put it like this. scary, cos it seems like the thurth! Which is unbelievable!

  14. The IOC is a disgrace.

  15. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Speaking of history... we shouldn't expect much from the Olympics. This is a group which sued the Gay Games over their original name the Gay Olympics. We're not allowed to use the word Olympics so it's not surprising that they could care less how we're treated around the world.

  16. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Using history as a guide, it's not surprising that the Olympics takes no action regarding this. After all, they did sue the Gay Games over their original name Gay Olympics.

  17. Emily3:28 PM

    Thank you for educating me. I will certainly spread the word as best as i can. Horrific.

  18. Anonymous3:58 PM

    How about reposting this, but instead of Russia, talk about Japan and all of the legislation regarding foreigners?

    Japan's radicals are fighting much harder, have the Olympics coming up, as well as have already stated that they intend to act in a pre-WW2 fashion of society. Let's look at that.

    1. Whatchu know about Japan, Anonymous? As a foreigner living in Japan I'm aware that this largely homogenous society is still adjusting to accommodate the influx of people with such different cultural norms. But apart from having to deal with all the problems of rude foreigners like myself, there's more bafflement and interest in our differences than discrimination. There are sold old fashioned nationalistic laws, but every country is guilty of them and the current government have shown nothing but good will towards immigrants from what I've seen. Every country has its radicals. Japan does not condone not encourage them. Unless you have some specific reference to share.

  19. 1. Thank you for your important post!
    2. This policy will in fact affect LGBT athletes, because unlike straight athletes, they won't be able to share a room with their partners (while in the past they could):
    3. The comparison with the brown shirts of Krystalnacht is out of place: those were centrally organized. So was the Nazi propaganda against Jews, which included writings and teachings. Not to justify the Russian regime's behavior towards LGBTs in any way, but Jews at those times actually did get fired from jobs in masses, were forbidden to own property, businesses or bank accounts, were forbidden to go to swimming pools, had separate public benches, and more -- things I don't see happen with Russian LGBTs for the time being. And I don't think there's any intention to eventually systematically seize and exterminate all the LGBTs in Russia (although admittedly, it didn't appear to be the case with Germany's Jews either, but the times have changed dramatically since then).
    4. I think that people all over the world should not just boycott, divest and sanction anything that has to do with the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, but also with its partners, sponsors and suppliers.
    Here's the full partners list:
    Worldwide partners: Coca Cola, Atos, Dow Chemicals, General Electric, McDonald's, Omega, Panasonic, Procter&Gamble, Samsung, Visa
    National partners: Aeroflot, Bosco Sport, Megafon, Russian Railways, Rosneft, Rostelecom, Sberbank, Volkswagen
    Other partners: Ingosstrakh Insurance Company, PwC, Sportloto
    Official suppliers: Avaya, Baltika Breweries, EF English First, Adamas, Ottobock, Jet Set Sports, Yamaha, Power Technologies, Kommersant Holding
    Other suppliers: Abrau-Durso, Adecco, Detech, KIOUT, Kaspersky Lab, Contemporary International, Exect Business Training, Kelly Services, Microsoft, Life Fitness,, Paul Hartman LLC, Russian Buses – Gaz Group, Scania, PR agency CROS, Kärcher, World Class

  20. Dave, good post, cheers for raising awareness.
    Not sure I agree Putin's on the same level as Hitler - some parallels but there are so many variables that it's only ever going to be "similar-ish" at best. Regardless, irrespective of our grass-roots-level ability to have much impact on Russia directly, pressurising the Olympic sponsors, as suggested by other commenters, seems like the best way to go. Any chance you could get a petition going on Care2 or ideally Avaaz to see if we can build a weight of bodies behind this? It's a huge issue, and a huge spotlight. With enough people speaking out against this, sponsors could start to think that they'd get better PR by pulling their sponsorship than by keeping it...

  21. Anonymous7:09 PM

    What makes anybody think that the IOC will ever act for ethical reasons. Its a shady and corrupt business that operates solely in the interest of its individual members, the majority of whom are crooks. If you want the IOC to do something, you have to act via their sponsors and broadcasting partners, whose businesses are more sensitive to public opinion. In any event, its far too late to move the event to another place.

    I suspect that the world will react as it usually does in these cases - turn a blind eye. Our track record as a global community isn't great, but there's a first time for everything.

  22. Anonymous8:44 PM

    That's fucked up!

  23. Anonymous11:33 PM

    A wonderful post and a statement that needed to be said. The similarities are there...and as George Santayana said in 1863; "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

    Om that note, I do have a quip that I feel takes away from your well written post. It is not really a big thing, but when dealing with history I believe it is important that it is remembered correctly.

    The 1936 Olympics in Berlin were in fact Summer Olympics, not Winter. The Winter Olympics were scheduled for 1940 in Japan but of course did not happen due to World War 2. Why is this important? Well, Hitler intended to have the Summer Olympics be a showcase of his "Master Race."

    Originally, Hitler did not want black or jewish people to participate, but after the potential of a boycott he relented and (Like Putin) ensured to clean up any sign of anti-semitism or racism during the event. There was a token Jewish woman on the German team, and the potential boycott was ended when the US stated they would participate.

    Another important part of that Olympics was Jessie Owens, an African American Athlete who excelled at the games and is now touted as the ultimate snub to Hitler's intent of German Superiority (Even though Germany did win the medal count)...This of course ignores the fact that at that time, Mr. Owens was dealing with Racial segregation in his own country.

    These, and the fact that the opening ceremonies were the first time that we broadcasted a visual signal (today it would be called TV) into space...are all very important, and really have nothing to do with your article, and yet I feel it is important to note when using history to make your point.

    Now, as for boycotting that games, History does repeat itself as Putin has already assured that LGBT athletes and fans can participate and not be effected by the new inane laws his government has passed. This of course will be enough to satiate the politics of the world in whole and like it or not the games will go on. More recent history has taught us that Boycotting the Olympic's changes nothing. When the Soviet Union (For those who don't know history...Russia) invaded Afghanistan. Many Countries (Mostly Nato Pact) Boycotted the 1980 Olympics in Russia...the only effect was the Warsaw Pact boycotting the 1984 Olympics in America.

    I offer an alternative. Yes, hitting the financial is important...coke etc. Money does influence. But Instead of Boycotting, LGBT and the professional Athletes should go over there and take advantage of the guaranteed safety to Flaunt their normalcy. Win a Race? Kiss your Husband or Wife (Same Sex of course) Win a medal and you are straight, stand on the podium waving the Rainbow flag instead of your country's. Pressure the governments to react to the human rights tragedies. Remove Russia from the G8....these are things that may make a change. The Olympics...are games. Politicise it if you want (Although that is not what they are supposed to be about), but in the end it is a bunch of athletes (Now sadly more professional than ammature) competing on a world stage.

    That is my two cents.

  24. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru j ji fateh
    Oh god please no no.proves Russian govt. Is sick.where's dogs where is in..please boycott Olympics. Let them suffer.and not cause more suffering. Oh god no no no more.

  25. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Some of you keep confusing the two Olympics that were held in Germany in 1936. Germany hosted BOTH the Winter and Summer Games that year, the writer never mentions Berlin, he correctly places the 36 Winter Olympics in the Bavarian mountain town of Garmisch.

  26. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Putin is an utter bastard. A relic who has no place as head of state or government, and who should have died, along with many of his ilk, in the cold war.

    And the scum who actively and unashamedly persecute those poor lads, and then out them over the internet... they should all be made to, as it were, disappear.

  27. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Being gay is not a choice the same as lefthander doesn't choose to be so. We are people of all persuasions , colour and ability and disability. We must make a stand and boycott this whole potentially hideous event. We are stepping backwards into truly horrendous times.

  28. I don't think athletes with a conscience should boycott at all – they should do a Jesse Owens, 1936. Simply by winning, he made Hitler's racial theories nonsensical. But in 2013, athletes have 24/7 global voices, too – how much more powerful will it be to see medal winners (under the "protections" that are being guaranteed to visitors) flooding the world with dissent to this injustice? To be able to say to the world what Russia won't let its citizens say? THEN start with the consumer boycott.

  29. Anonymous5:58 AM

    So mister Putin want to start a new master race ?

    Anyway as Mr Putin allegedly is not going to enforce these new barbaric laws against non russian nationals, I would like to ask each and every foreign to Russia competitor to help stand against oppression wear a rainbow or ribbon or kiss anything I don't care just show your support for your fellow HUMAN BEINGS.

    Some of the greatest people in history were gay we helped shape this world from the computer to the wheel no doubt I'm proud to be Gay I'm proud not to be narrow of vision I'm proud I can love I'm proud to be human.

    With people like that in power I'm scared for the future of my race (human) I'm scared for my family my friends my freedom of speech and expression my god given human rights.

    So who the heck are you to try and take them away ?

  30. I always thought the Olympics were more than a sporting event. The Olympic games of the last century or more have stood as a symbol of unity and sportsmanship- that we have people from so many countries coming together to compete in sports rather than war, to share their culture through ceremonies and traditions rather than military occupation, is a beautiful thing that speaks loudly and openly to the better side of human nature. The games are something that shows off the very best of us, not only as athletes, but as people, all creating this wonderful thing together. Holding the games as we do is something that we- not just one country or culture but we as an entire diverse and varied species- can be truly proud of.

    Russia, on the other hand, is denying basic human rights to a select portion of its own people- something that spits on everything that the games symbolise. We are giving the honour of hosting the games to someone who openly opposes the very thing it represents.

    This is disgusting.

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. OMG I can't believe that this is actually happening! Unacceptable and it definitely should be spreaded and stopped. Thank you for posting this cause otherwise I would have let it happen with my ignorance. I'll try my best to spread this, and if this law keep its existance, the world has a problem to solve. A huge one.

  33. There is nothing ethical about the IOC - it's nothing but a huge piece of business machinery whose cogs are oiled by liberal application of corruption ... all in the name of sports and the Olympic thought that taking part is more important than victory. Blasphemy.
    Citius, Altius, Fortius - once the Olympic motto - nowadays describes the modus operandi of the IOC whose first big offence against the Russian population was awarding the 2014 Winter Olympics to Sochi, thus bulldozing the livelihood of thousands and thousands of people and trampling human rights on a huge scale just so that the reckless, vain and uncontrollable Sun King and tyrant may build himself a legacy.

  34. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Putin is a very dangerous man. His presidency is questionable as there are many allegations of voter fraud. He only wants power. Pulling the Olympics is the right thing to do but the message would fall on deaf ears. The longer he stays in power the more dangerous he becomes.

  35. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Very good post! It is kinda scary that the vatican is now more open to this than russia. The olympics should never be hosted in a country anywhere where the human rights are so broken. Cheers from Sweden.

  36. taipale12:57 AM

    I would gladly take part in an online campaign that's rooted within a simple website format along with a Facebook page, that generates a movement of people that boycott every single one sponsor of the Olympic Games until they either change the country where the games are held or they officially and publically change their stance as the IOC, either before or after their sponsors notice the movement.

    If any of you have knowledge of such a campaign,please let us know. If one doesn't surface soon enough, I might have to figure something out myself.

  37. Anonymous1:06 AM

    This article was spot on until I saw the very last sentence "The 2014 Winter Olympic Games must be moved out of Russia". Moving the games out of Russia for it, would merely create the nation to blame or resent the gay community. Every country has its own set of beliefs and unfortunately, there are just too many countries with discrimination and racism.

    The Olympics has the power to unite countries and its citizens. The IOC would simply have to say "This needs to end, or Russia will be band from the Olympics" and they'd probably change their act forever and eventually raise more and more socially conscious citizens. In fact, if the Olympics said that to EVERY country even for participating. I'm sure that every country would clean up their act for 2 reasons. 1- to save their pride. and 2- so that they aren't clearly marked as banned to the entire world for being naive.

    Thats just my view anyway.

  38. You are spot on. I am a Jewish lesbian. I am more than familiar with all of this and this is exactly what went through my mind when this began. I personally think it is irresponsible of the IOC to take no formal position and in fact makes me suspicious of them as well. What would happen if countries with gay Olympians decided to forsake the Olympics in protest? To say "Medals can be won any time but the time to stand against hatred is now" is perhaps the only thing that can be done now. Which is truly more important, human rights on Earth or the glory and fame of victory in sport?

  39. Henrik Hall5:11 AM

    Good that you make this just and reasonable comparison. Just one thought regarding "Imagine if..". There is never any real outcry when laws are passed or maintained against women. Saudi Arabia has for a long time had apartheid laws targeting women and the country is still respected by other countries as a good and loyal partner. This is a shame on the face of the Earth just as much as the anti-jew laws of nazi Germany, the anti-gay laws of Russia and the apartheid of white South Africa. To name just a few horrible examples of bad governance.

  40. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Great commentary/op-ed here on corporate boycotting:

    1. Anonymous6:59 PM

      Actually sort of a worthless article with zero traffic obviously from someone who sees nothing good about giant companies. Most of those companies have better track records than STOLI, check the HRC Corporate Equality Index. I say push to move the Olympics, protest every embassy and consulate, boycott every damn thing that is Russian, shame the fuck out of Mr. P, and alert every one of those big sponsors we're telling the World to buy only their biggest competitors product for the next year. We also need to shut down all Russian travel for everyone to every major country and be our creative effective fantastic ACT UPers Worldwide. Leave the Russians with money zero travel and shopping options - maybe allow them the option to travel to shitbox Iran or Cameroon and Uganda etc. if they so desire. This Olympics is PUTIN's baby and HIS pride. We need to ruin that for him ASAP and MOVE the Games to anywhere.

  41. Anonymous1:35 PM

    THANK YOU! What a shame! In the 21st century, the Russian government passes laws against its citizens and humiliates them.

  42. Richard Andrews2:19 PM

    Whilst I totally agree with this commentary, I wonder why everyone is surprised when an organisation as corrupt as the IOC fails to censure a government who have successfully bribed the IOC Committee to win the games? No one criticises their paymasters. Hit Russia where it hurts- boycott their businesses and don't kiss up and supply services to the legions of Russian oligarchs living in cities like London. After all, most have profited from being Putin's friends and allies so are guilty by association.

  43. Anonymous6:26 PM

    This is another example of why christianity is evil.. Pure evil.

  44. I don't know what you think this has to do with Christianity.

  45. TESAK looks like a real tough guy.....he can actually beat up young boys. Yeah, real tough guy.

    Putin should stick to making up fish stories instead of beating his own citizens.Lying about the size of a fish is better than terrorizing his own citizens. Another tough guy. real tough guy.

  46. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I don't know what this is about. Tesak's group usually have a teen boy contact adult men on a dating site and then when they meet in real life Tesak talks to the peodophile and asks him the same questions like 'did you know how old the boy is?' as it turns out they always know and they don't mind. so this is like preventing a crime that didn't happen but could have. age of consent is taken very seriously in civilized countries today so I'm surprised at this reaction in the media.
    it's true that Tesak isn't tolerant towards gays, he seems to think that all peadophiles are gay and all gays are pedos. which I don't agree with obviously. however he doesn't try to contact and then confront gays via dating sites, his main target are pedophiles. and why on earth is any of this Putin's fault? this Tesak guy is a Nazi, one of the crazies. it's not like he's the head of our ruling political party.

  47. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I don't know what this is about. Tesak's group usually have a teen boy contact adult men on a dating site and then when they meet in real life Tesak talks to the peodophile and asks him the same questions like 'did you know how old the boy is?' as it turns out they always know and they don't mind. so this is like preventing a crime that didn't happen but could have. age of consent is taken very seriously in civilized countries today so I'm surprised at this reaction in the media.
    it's true that Tesak isn't tolerant towards gays, he seems to think that all peadophiles are gay and all gays are pedos. which I don't agree with obviously. however he doesn't try to contact and then confront gays via dating sites, his main target are pedophiles. and why on earth is any of this Putin's fault? this Tesak guy is a Nazi, one of the crazies. it's not like he's the head of our ruling political party.

  48. It is quite clear that Putin is ex KGB and is happy with the tactics that group often used with bullying and humiliation. It's also clear that these days we have massive links all across the word with the web and can raise a worldwide outcry. We must all ask out governments to condemn not just the change in the law but the non-interference with the thugs carrying out this evil. If they are to be allowed to continue we have no choice but to assume they are state employees and do what they do with the full backing and in the full knowledge of Russian Parliament.
    I always hoped that people would progress beyond this kind of cruelty to others and was actually starting to become humanist. I'm disappointed again.

  49. A guy from Russia5:57 AM

    That looks funny how you blame Putin for all the things that happen in Russia. And that's funny how you judge Russia not being a russian, not being in Russia and not even speaking russian. That shows how washed your brains by western media mentioning Putin here and there, blaming him in all the sins. And comparing him to Adolf Hitler that's just stupid and ridiculous. To make such statements one should be a complete idiot.
    Does Barack Obama personally guilty for killing many people in Iraq? Does he guilty for maniacs shooting kids in schools? Any country is a huge world with many many different people and just one man can't solve all problems.
    Putin is just a man, he has power for sure, but he is not almighty. There is vast number of deputies (impudent and covered with fat) who control and pass the laws. Whether a law be passed or refused depends on them in many cases.
    The problem is not in Putin. The problem is in russian people. We are not ready to accept socially open bisexuality. The people can't accept that yet, we still respect traditional values. Putin, like any nation's leader, can't go against his people.
    Here, in Russia, everything is not so bad with gay's rights as it's seem from western anti-russian media. Recently more and more people speak about homophobia, more and more people admit that it's bad to torture someone just for his sexuality and more and more people support bisexuals. People start to speak openly that it's OK if someone is a gay.
    Those busters, who seek gays and torture them, are just scum. They are dumb morons. They are lead by nationalist freak Maxim Martsinkevich who was in jail. They're just a garbage that every country has.
    Honestly, as I see it, in Russia no one really cares about who sleeps with whom. People have their own problems and they don't think about other's sexual life. He is a gay? She is a lesbian? So what? Most russian people are indifferent to bisexuals. There are just a couple of groups of aggressive young people, controlled by someone who has money and power. Those youngsters age being paid to punch gays when they hold an action. Journalists take photos of that and then you think that gays are being beaten all over Russia.
    Russian people are not ready to accept bisexuality in society but we don't care about someone's sexual life. You can be gay in Russia, but you can't be gay openly. Yet. That's how I see the situation at the moment.
    Russia has it's unique history, which many people often forget. Russia was ruined to nothing 20 years ago and it's rising and building up from nothing. I admit that Russia is a couple steps behind from the world's progress, but give it a time.