Monday, January 12, 2009

Transitional Thoughts...

January 20th , 2009

Seems like that day will never get here. After 8 long years of disaster cloaked in stupidity covered in greed, it seems that the whole world, not just these United States is ready to bid a not so fond adieu to GW Bush, et al.

Yet this Presidential transition, like most has had its ups and downs. For the most part, the cabinet picks have been spot on. I think that Hillary Clinton at State, and Rahm Emannuel as White House chief of staff were both brilliant choices. Yet there have been some bumps in the road as well. A feeling that a campaign that ran on "Change" is relying rather heavily on familiar democratic faces. Not that this is a bad thing but it has given a despondent and diminished GOP a familiar talking point to drone on about.

Funny how the Republican party always wants to set aside "partisan bickering" only after they lose an election. The 2008 election was a CLEAR repudiation of the policies and philosophy of the GOP. They lost, and they lost BIG. This was not a close election by any means.

A graphic in the current issue of The Atlantic magazine clearly shows the Bush/GOP legacy. (Click on the map to see a larger version).

My advice to the incoming administration is simple. Forge ahead and do what you feel needs to be done. And anytime the GOP stands in the way, you get into the bully pulpit of the Presidency and you say to the entire nation; "look, the same incompetent, greedy, corrupt dolts who got our nation INTO this mess are now doing everything they can to prevent solutions to clean it up." You point to every Republican up for re-election in 2010 and you ask why do they not want America to succeed?

"Post-Partisan" must now mean that the GOP gets to go sit in a corner for while and think about what they have done.

The far right in this country still cannot grasp the reality of their loss. Ridiculous wing-nut websites touting theories of electoral conspiracy, and media collusion show how completely out of touch the GOP has become from lives of most Americans.

As I have said many times, I do not envy President Obama and the task that lies before him, but the facts are, he won. The GOP lost. The time has come to call failure what it is. As the GOP liked to say in 2000, "They had their chance, they would not lead, we will".

Time to grow up and take your own medicine.

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