Friday, January 28, 2011

"Obviously a major malfunction...."

25 Years ago today,  I was home from school with cold and  turned on CNN to watch the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger.  

Along with the rest of the world I watched as America's first civilian to fly into space, Teacher Christa Mcauliffe, along with the six other members of the the Challenger crew perished as the shuttle orbiter exploded shortly after launch.

Then,  in what may have been his finest moment as President, Ronald Reagan led the nation in mourning their loss and honoring their courage and sacrifice.

NASA has set aside today as an official "Day of Remembrance" , not just for the  Challenger Seven, but for all those we have lost in our quest to explore space.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

White House Statement on the Murder of David Kato

"LGBT rights are not special rights; they are human rights."                                     -  President Barack Obama

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary

Statement by the President on the Killing of David Kato

I am deeply saddened to learn of the murder of David Kato.  In Uganda, David showed tremendous courage in speaking out against hate.  He was a powerful advocate for fairness and freedom.  The United States mourns his murder, and we recommit ourselves to David’s work.
At home and around the world, LGBT persons continue to be subjected to unconscionable bullying, discrimination, and hate.  In the weeks preceding David Kato’s murder in Uganda, five members of the LGBT community in Honduras were also murdered.  It is essential that the Governments of Uganda and Honduras investigate these killings and hold the perpetrators accountable.
LGBT rights are not special rights; they are human rights.  My Administration will continue to strongly support human rights and assistance work on behalf of LGBT persons abroad.  We do this because we recognize the threat faced by leaders like David Kato, and we share their commitment to advancing freedom, fairness, and equality for all.

Wow...The American Taliban Finally Admits it...

(hat tip to Wonkette for finding this amazing video.)

I have often blogged about how the Conservative Religious Right in the United States has the same overall aims as the Taliban in Afghanistan. While their methods are NOT the same. (though the family of  Dr. George Tiller might disagree...) Their overall aims are very similar. They seek to take their religious beliefs and turn those beliefs into civil law.

One of the great ironies of the Conservative movement is how many of their key leaders love to scream hysterically about some completely non-existent "threat" of  Islamic or "Sharia" law.  While at the same time seeking to impose a nearly identical form of religious law on the United States.

For all their rants about the threat of "Big Government" , these people have NO problem with idea that government should have total control over a women's reproductive health.

They have NO problem with Government saying what can and cannot happen in your bedroom, and they clearly believe the First Amendment applies ONLY to them. Their religious beliefs are the only ones that are "real" and therefore are the only ones that merit Government support and protection.

This fact, while always understood within the religious right, has never really been advocated publicly out in the open. That is until now. Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV  recently explained why the United States needs a Christian dictator. One of his main reasons is that pro-gay, pro-abortion "parasitic" liberals get to vote. You may want to sit down before you watch this lunatic...

I have always said that people like Tony Perkins at the "Family Research Council", Pat Robertson, and James Dobson over at "Focus on the Family" , hate our democracy. They know that when faced with putting their true beliefs before the electorate they lose. Normally I would not waste time or blog space on these people, because they make it far too easy to ridicule them. They are so filled with hate against Americans and anyone else for that matter who is not made in their image. 

That Video is the very definition of irrational religous-based hatred. And for once I find myself in agreement with George W. Bush.    When asked to explain why there are groups and people who hate America, his patented response was always; "the extremists hate our freedoms." And he was absolutely right.

The American Evangelical Right, like their Islamic fundamentalist cousins, cannot abide a pluralistic society. 

These Fundamentalist Christian Jihadists clearly hate the United States Constitution. The right to control one's own life, body, mind and spirit is a threat to them, and frankly scares them silly. They hate our freedoms. Yet the wonderful irony is that our system of pluralism, and the freedoms it provides is what gives the people like Michael Voris the right to spew his craziness all over the internet.

Make no mistake, or as President Obama might say; "let me be clear...", if people like Voris, Dobson, and Perkins had their way, only those people who march in lockstep with them, would have the right to vote.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reaction to the State of the Union Address Last Night...

What came through the loudest in the SOTU last night was confirmation of everything we have seen over the past two years. Barack Obama is not a liberal or a progressive, he is a pro-business centrist.

I think part of the reason GOP obstruction has so baffled him, is because in truth the President feels that he and the GOP want essentially the same things, only in slightly different packaging.

The President's passing reference to "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was about as significant as GOP Respondent Paul Ryan's attempt to placate the Tea Part by invoking "the Founders". The Progressive base of the Democratic Party knows that when President Obama talks about progressive social issues, it means he would be willing to smile and take credit as he signs a bill, AFTER Congressional Democrats carry ALL the water to get it passed.

What was most significant about the speech tonight was what was NOT said.

For anyone hoping for movement on Marriage or Workplace equality, the restoration of sanity to our gun control laws, or  a clear non-negotiable commitment to protect Social Security, the President's  message was clear....

The Obama Administration will gladly sacrifice a progressive social agenda to cut deals on a centrist economic one.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Memo to the National Organization for Marriage...

Dear Maggie Gallagher,

Well, It's been a whole week.  And after scanning all the major news outlets all over the country for  the past seven days, I discovered something really odd...   
I was shocked to learn that in the United States, this past week, apparently none of the following things have happened.
  • A mad rush of people marrying their pets...
  • Pandemic Polygamy 
  • All across America Kindergarten students taught classes on Gay sex...
  • Scores of Clergy rounded up and put in prison for preaching...
  • Marriage as a civil institution collapsing  and millions of Heterosexual couples getting divorced...
  • America as a Nation overrun by godless hordes bent on enslaving our people and destroying our very way of life.
  • Opposite Sex couples in America completely stopping having Children...
Which is quite odd when you think about it. Because exactly one week ago, I got married. (That in and of itself is not the odd part.)  But rather it is the lack of anything odd happing as a result of it,  that is strange.

After all,  I can't even count the number of times I have heard You,  and  your cadre of  self-proclaimed "Family Values" proponents spew dire warnings of doom, gloom, apocalypse and general hubbub and brouhaha should Eric and I ever get married.

Well, guess what?  We are now married, and have been for an entire week.

So.... Where are all the promised apocalyptic consequences? Where are the mass divorces of all the marriages Eric and I supposedly "attacked" one week ago,  by tying the knot ourselves?  Where is all the promised damage to millions of children who are now, (according to you), so confused as to what a marriage is?

Where are the plagues of frogs, locusts and boils? Where is the collapse of Western civilization as we know it, due to its very foundation being rent asunder by the HORROR of Eric and I getting married one week ago today?

Nothing? .... Anyone? ... Anybody? ... Really?
How terribly disappointing,   And after you went to all that trouble to pay those actors to look so scared.

For years now , whenever  the subject of marriage equality comes up as  part of our national discourse, You claim it is an "attack" on marriage and the family. So I decided to look up the word `attack' in the dictionary. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines it as:

Pronunciation: &-'tak
Function: verb
1 : to set upon or work against forcefully
2 : to assail with unfriendly or bitter words
3 : to begin to affect or to act on injuriously
4 : to set to work on
5 : to threaten (a piece in chess) with immediate capture

Hmmm… to set upon or work against forcefully huh? Ok, so if we take your argument seriously, for Eric and I to have the same rights as any other couple, not more rights, not any new rights that other couples do not currently have, but only the exact same rights, would injure, damage and potentially even destroy heterosexual marriages and families.

Uh.. ok.. How exactly?

Does the fact of my marriage now mean that you have lost the 1,100 federal benefits and protections that you had eight days ago?   Does the fact that I am now married mean you and your spouse can no longer file a joint tax return, have, adopt or raise children, pass on social security survivor benefits, or make medical decisions for each other? 
Does my being married now mean that people will no longer want to even get married. and if they are married, will now want to get divorced? Has your marriage or family changed in any way as result of what happened to me and my spouse a week ago today?

The answer of course,  is no. None of your talking points on same sex marriage stand up to even basic common sense. But it's pretty clear that common sense isn't something you deal in very much.

You say that gay marriage cheapens or lessens the value of the institution of marriage in the eyes of society. But since none of the rights or benefits that you enjoy have changed in any way as result of my marriage; What you are really saying is that for YOU, Eric and I getting married has cheapened your own marriage in your own eyes.

My getting married means I now have something that, (again, according to you,) only heterosexuals are supposed to have . And that makes you mad.  It's not just that you wanted to prevent Eric and I from having equal rights, you want make sure that we don't have any rights at all..

You see equal rights for us, as an attack on you.    That's interesting...

Let's be honest Maggie,  this isn't about "protecting marriage".  It's about people you don't like, having the same rights as you .  Even though your life clearly has not changed in ANY way, you firmly believe that your marriage now has less value, lower status,  and the institution itself, could come to an end.  All because Eric and I were able to get married last Monday.

It suddenly occurs to me there is a word for someone who is irrationally fixated on the preservation of inequality,  that they feel is in their favor.  It turns out, Merriam-Webster's dictionary has the same word for it.

Pronunciation: 'bi-g&t
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French, hypocrite, bigot
1: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own
opinions and prejudices

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meet the America's most idiotic and Embarrassing Bigot..

Ladies and Gentlemen... Say Goodbye to Rush Limbaugh.

Let's hear it one last time for "El Rushbo"!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

At the SF Airport, waiting to board my fight to London...

I am sitting here in the  International Terminal  at  the San Francisco Airport (SFO), my flight to London  will start boarding in about an hour or so.  I only was back here in the states for  11 days.  The reason for the  quick turn-around however is  very very cool...

I'm getting married  next Monday.

That's right,  after  countless trips back and forth across the Atlantic, endless hours  talking to each other  over web cams and  instant messenger,  and SMS texts,  Eric and I are  finally  getting married.  Hence the need  for the  multiple  trips  back and forth .

The end of this  long long LONG march  down the aisle  finally came into view on  December 29th, when we went to our local county clerks office  (Council Registry Office) in Lewisham, in South London.  Where after much waiting  and  seperate "interviews"  our names  when up on a board in the hallway.  Announcing  to the good people of  Lewisham our intention to tie the knot.  Then we had to wait  fifteen days and nights (which is really 16 days,  they are not fooling anyone...)   for anyone who had cause to object to formally  do so.   Shockingly enough, nobody did. which brings us to this next week.
On Monday, January 17th  at  Eleven O'Clock  in the the morning  Eric and I will  walk back into the  Lewisham Registry Office and do what  many American Evangelical Conservatives have constant nightmares about.   We will enter into a state sanctioned legally binding monogamous relationship between two consenting adults of no  direct family relation...and the same gender.  (gasp!)  

The world is sure to come to to a cataclysmic end.  So you better get out  your  "rapture jammies" now.  So  I  can assume that  all my conservative friends,  who don't believe Eric and I have the same rights as they do  to the "Pursuit of Happiness",  will all be getting divorced  next week.   After all, according to their leaders,   I am "attacking" their marriages.

James Dobson and his assorted ilk all have talked about their "fears" about  what  same sex marriage will do to America. Well boys,   here's hoping  we are  the cause of your nightmares for years to come.

Dave & Eric

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The President of United States, speaks to and for the nation..

I have not blogged about the tragic events  last weekend in Arizona.   This is one issue,  I have no problem letting  President Obama speak of me, and all Americans...

Saturday, January 08, 2011

For Those of You in London Next Week...

Tonight's "Special Comment" on MSNBC

AZ Congresswoman Shot today was targeted in Sarah Palin's "Crosshairs" Ad.

(FROM CNN) -- A federal judge was killed and a congresswoman gravely wounded Saturday in a shooting outside of a Tucson, Arizona, grocery store, according to police and government officials.

In all, six people died and 12 were wounded in the shooting, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Arizona, according to Rick Kastigar, bureau chief for the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

President Barack Obama later said Chief Judge John Roll of the U.S. District Court for Arizona was among the dead.

A 9-year-old girl also died in the attack, according to authorities. The child, whose identity had not been released, was pronounced dead at a hospital.
Last year Representative Giffords was  one of a number of  Democratic members of  Congress  who were  targeted  with rifle scope crosshairs graphics in an ad  from  Sarah Palin's  political action committee.

Palin and her  Teabagger Nutjob followers  have used  violent rhetoric  non-stop for the past two years.  Talking  of "second amendment solutions" to political questions.   Now the seeds that  Palin and her ilk have planted  are sprouting.

Make no mistake  the GOP and and  the Tebagging lunatics it has spawned  have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS TODAY.

Saturday, January 01, 2011