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Amazing Ad from GetUp Austrailia

This is the latest ad for  Marriage  Equality from  GetUp Australia.  Like so many Americans  I  have  scratch my head in wonderment  at  how simple and yet  powerfully effective this Ad is.   All the  while lamenting  the fact that   back in the  US,  the HRC and their  assorted  ilk have yet  to  come out with anything even  half as good as this...

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Now that Thanksgiving is Over...

The  Christmas-mania  can   begin...  So what better way to  kick things off, than with the best version of this song,  EVER...

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GOP 2012 - Why There is Nothing Left to Say....

Blogging tends to be something of a self-indulgent pastime. You pour your thoughts, ideas, opinions, pet peeves, hopes and dreams out onto a keyboard and post them on the internet with the hope that they are read and understood.  Yet with some topics there comes a point where  there is nothing more you can say.

With the 2012  Republican  Presidential  primary process,  we have reached such a point.

For the most part I have not posted much about the 2012 Republican Presidential candidates. Mostly because I kept expecting the somewhat crowded,  and nonsensical herd of lunatics to eventually thin out, leaving two or at the most three,  semi-rational contenders for the GOP nomination.

Yet  less than three months  out from the  Iowa Caucus  and  New Hampshire Primary,  the most  amazing  thing so far  about  the  2012 GOP race  has been the  complete  lack of  sanity,  rationality  or  even  reality.    There have now been  11 GOP "Presidential Debates"  each one  less rational than the one before it.  Culminating  with last night's   "Family Values Debate"  in  Iowa.  Hosted by the American Family  Association.  A group that  the Southern Poverty Law Center  has  officially classified as a Hate Group.

I have posted  in the past  about  AFA and  what bunch of hate-filled nutters they are.   It boils down to  this;   They are  the American Taliban.  They  want to  take their extremist  religious beliefs and  codify them into Civil Law.  All the while shrieking hysterically  about the (non-existent)  threat of  Islamic Sharia law taking over  America.   I won't  waste time or  blog space re-hashing the  limitless examples of  how  insane these people are.   If you are really that curious  you can see for yourself, by clicking here.

The "debate" was not  carried  on any of the American television  networks.  This event  was so, ugly, so far removed  from reality that  even  FOX News didn't  broadcast it.   So when your  "Presidential  Candidates Debate" is too nutty for even  FOX,  congratulations; - the Shark has officially been jumped.  So much so, that the two Republican hopefuls who most need to win the approval of "social conservatives",   didn't even bother to show up.  Former front runner  Mitt Romney,  and  current  "is he still running?" candidate John Huntsman,  both Mormons,  knew  that their own  religious  beliefs  would be as big a target  as  abortion and  Gay Rights.  

 Knowing that  there was no way they would  get out of there with their political lives,  they wisely opted out.  Which then  prompted this twitter hissy-fit  response from  the AFA's  spokes-bigot.   (hat tip to  joemygod)

So last night, six of the eight GOP hopefuls strove to show the AFA and its assorted minions just how uber-socially conservative each of the them was. Struggling at times to show just how much more they hated Gays and Women's rights to control their own bodies, and loved  Jesus, than their opponents. 

The best moment, came when a question was asked, about a possible U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning the Defense of Marriage Act. (DOMA),  the Federal Law that bans recognition for Same Sex Marriage. Former Godfather's Pizza CEO and alleged serial sexual harasser Herman Cain just couldn't resist showing his complete ignorance of the U.S. Constitution.

Did you get that?  According to  Herman Cain, and Newt  (thrice married serial adulterer) Gingrich,  the President of the United States  can  just  "overturn"  Supreme Court rulings he  doesn't like.  Well, that's  nifty.

The result of all this may well be the death of political blogging until after the 2012 GOP National Convention. Why? Simple, there is nothing left to say. There are only so many ways to express gob-smacked incredulity. Eventually the English language exhausts itself trying to express shock and dismay at people so completely detached from reality, devoid of sanity, and ignorant of basic American principles.

People who truly believe that those who ran our economy into the ground for the benefit of a select view,  are to be admired, and people who created prosperity  and opportunity for  all  are "socialists out to destroy America".

The level of delusion on the American Right Wing, is beyond belief. It is no longer Political,   it is pathological.

To anyone  who  would even be considering  voting for any of these people.  I have only one question.    Why do you hate  America?

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Yeah ok... I admit it...

This  video made me a little homesick...  

The City from WTK Photography on Vimeo.

Real homophobes don't Google

Brilliant column by  San Francisco writer Mark Morford.   


By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CBS, Google, Levi's, Starbucks, New Balance, and Xerox are among the 70 companies and cities that have signed an amicus brief stating that DOMA, the 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act, hurts business.

Woe to you, oh modern card-carrying homophobe. For it can't be easy to be you right now, what with all the terrifying changes taking place, all the dramatic sexual upheavals and flagrant displays of "unnatural" love being hurled like exotic sushi in your plain hamburger face these days. Oh, you poor dear.

I see you there, glumly sipping your Starbucks gingerbread latte while Googling Swedish fetish porn in between checking the latest news on in your lightly stained Dockers and beat-up Nikes, Cartoon Network blaring in the background, tattered copy of Shooters Monthly on the bedside.

I see you there, mumbling angrily at how New York has had legal gay marriage for four whole months and so far, no hellfire, chaos, no petrified Christian children melting into goo in the streets. I see you horrified at how seven other states and 10 countries are thriving happily with gay marriage, God apparently not really giving the slightest damn about how anyone expresses their consensual, reverential, wholehearted love, so long as they just do.

To be fair, I suppose it's too soon to tell if the end of DADT means our valiant U.S. military, during our next war, will end up offering the enemy a giant cupcake disco meth party, instead of kicking ass and keeping those pinko commie terrorists from poisoning the beer supply and stealing your HBO.

Did I say HBO? What a shame you have to give that up, no? Same goes for all those other brands, shows, shoes and companies I mentioned above, given how they all openly disrespect you and everything you stand for. Or haven't you heard?

Behold, dear homophobe, the upwards of 70 major U.S. companies who have just signed an amicus brief -- basically a formal f-you complaint to the federal government and its odious Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) -- saying the damn thing is bad for business, forces discrimination and inequality in company practices, was written by/for angry encephalitic right-wing thugs who don't know their God from a hole in the seminary wall. I might be making up that last part. But only barely.

Which companies are protesting DOMA, you ask? Starbucks. Google. Microsoft. Levi's. Nike. Time Warner Cable. Aetna. New Balance. Xerox. The list is impressive indeed, especially given how it's more or less an addendum to a much longer list, one that includes all the other enormous U.S. companies who already openly support gay rights, like Apple and Disney and Pixar, like Hershey and Coca-Cola and Dell, American Express and Mattel and even big media daddies like Time Warner, Inc. and Viacom. Et al.

Are you not furious, righteous Republican homophobe? I bet you are. I bet you're dialing your angriest, most confused buds right this moment to write letters, post barely punctuated rants to the hate forums on Free Republic, call in to Rush to demand a Tea Party-wide boycott of every single one of these sicko companies.

I mean, you can't really call yourself a true American, a real Christian and still openly wear Nikes or Levi's, use Microsoft or Google, or watch Warner Brothers movies, can you? If you really walk your anti-gay talk, well, every one of these companies should be banned from your life, right?

It shouldn't be too bad. Easy enough to kick that Starbucks addiction to the curb. Damn them to hell with their Norah Jones and their mediocre espresso, anyway. Same goes for those hippie perverts over at HBO. Can grudgingly live without Air Jordans or New Balance tennies, too.

But oh, cutting out Google might be a little trickier, as that means the end of Gmail, Gmaps, Google Earth, Google Plus, YouTube (!), you name it (I'd suggest switching to Yahoo, but alas, they love those icky gays too. Maybe Bing? Oh wait, Microsoft. Uh-oh. Is Lycos still around?)

But hey, you can make do, right? Screw those depraved, godless companies. Who needs 'em? At least you have Fox News. And Exxon. And, um, Pilgrim's Pride. They make deep-fried frozen chicken blobs. So you're good for basic protein. Suck down a giant platter of breaded, hormone-injected patriotism while sipping a silver bullet and watching some NASCAR, and all is right with the world, am I right?

Oh dear. Bad news, lovebug. It seems Time Warner owns the broadcast rights to every single NASCAR race nationwide. Time Warner! Dude! They love gays! As if that weren't bad enough, they also own WTF?

Would you like to read that again? A clearly pro-gay megacorp basically owns the straightest, manliest, most pseudo-macho sport in the entire known world next to beating things with clubs and skinning buffalo with your teeth. Whatever will you do with your boycott now?

Before you answer, might want to check out what else you're going to do without. Time Warner, for one, is everywhere.

New Line Cinema movies, Loony Tunes cartoons, TT Games? Gone. Sports Illustrated, People magazine, Practical Parenting, Motorboat Monthly, Shooting Times? You know it, honeyball. What about DC Comics (Superman, Batman), CNN, Harry Potter? Sorry. Totally gay, each and every one. (Yes, I know. Harry Potter was a no-brainer. But still).

Did I forget to mention CBS? That's right. No more "CSI." No more "Survivor." Damn homos are everywhere.

It's OK, take a moment. I can hear your head imploding in abject confusion. How could this be? How could these powerhouse companies be sucked into the vile gay agenda that's destroying the land, brainwashing our kids and making it OK to order arugula salads and enjoy trance music and the BMW 3-Series?

Don't worry, homophobic American. No one really expects you to boycott all these companies, or even any of them. No one expects you to actually walk your hateful talk. It's not really possible anyway.

Besides, the backwards lug in you and the jaded cynic in me could easily argue that most of these companies couldn't care less about gay rights, per se. They only really care about the money DOMA costs them. They care about health care expenses, administrative overhead, profit and loss. They only care about, you know, capitalism. And everyone knows, capitalism doesn't discriminate. It's an equal opportunity exploiter.

But unfortunately for you, I'm not sure that really matters anymore. Be it for economic, moral, political or cultural reasons -- or more likely, some wondrous combination thereof -- gay rights and gay marriage are gaining on you. Fast. I know it, you know it, even capitalism itself knows it. Your imminent obsolescence is assured.

Not sure what that means? It's OK. You can Google it.
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For all our fellow DOMA exiles...

huge hat tip to our brilliant friend Peter for this one!

Married In London

Janis Ian
We're married in London
but not in New York
Spain says we're Kosher
The States say we're pork
We wed in Toronto
The judge said "Amen"
and when we got home
we were single again
It's hard being married
and living in sin
Sometimes I forget
just which state I am in
Thank God I'm not Catholic
I'd be a mess
trying to figure out
what to confess
My passport in Sweden
says I've got a wife
Amsterdam tells me
I'm partnered for life
but back in America,
Land of the free,
I'm a threat to
the national security
If I were a frog
here is what I would say --
It's hard being green
It's hard being gay
but love has no color
and hearts have no sex,
so love where you can,
and bugger the rest
© Rude Girl Pub. All rights reserved; international copyright secured.