Friday, February 27, 2009

Memo to the GOP - "Just say OOPS! and get out!"

This week in Washington D.C. CPAC - the Conservative Political Action Committee is meeting to plan the future of the Republican Party and the "conservative movement". I have been watching this circular firing squad play out in all its gory detail on CSPAN. Keith Olbermann brings us all up to speed.

It's been quite an education. What is always interesting is hearing the statements various players on the right make during the run-up to this annual event. Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele decided to throw some political "red meat" to his hungry mini-hordes the other day, when in an interview he was asked if the GOP would be supportive of Civil Unions for Gay and Lesbian Americans instead of "same sex marriage". His response was truly illuminating.

Then not just one but two Republican lawmakers in the great Hate State of Colorado, just days apart from each other made comments about LGBT Americans that would make the Nazis proud.

The response from the Republican National Committee? Complete support for the bigoted bile spewed forth by these two trogladytes. (I can't call them Neanderthals because neither of them believes in Evolution.)

Then we came up to CPAC with speech after insane, completely divorced from reality, speech. Accusing President Barack Obama of not really being a U.S. Citizen, of being a Communist, a Fascist and even the Anti-Christ.

There is no other way to put this. These people are nuts. They have become completely unhinged. Their electoral defeat shattered their already fragile grip on reality. All they have left is who they want to blame, and who they want all of the rest of us to HATE. When they are forced to admit that America isn't buying the load of Crap they are trying to sell, all they can do is stomp their feet and say how because of Obama's victory somebody might attack Chicago with a nuclear weapon.

No... I am not kidding. Wing Nut darling John Bolton ACTUALLY Said that...

Believe it or not, I used to be a Republican. I was an officer in the College Republicans at the University of Wisconsin. I campaigned for Ronald Reagan and for George HW. Bush. I have always believed that Government is not a substitute for individual liberty and responsibility. I have always felt that a strong America is good for the world. I have always believed that Government does not have a place in my church AND vice versa. And certainly the Government had no place in my bedroom.

Then in 1992 the GOP lost its mind and then sold its soul to right wing fundamentalists, who are in essence, the American Taliban.

And I have had enough.

To all the "faithful" at CPAC , hear this; You lost. Get it though your addled, bigoted hate filled skulls. You lost. You failed. Your policies didn't work, your lies have all been exposed, your delusions of creating a "permanent Republican majority" are as dead as another right wing nut-job's dream of a "thousand year Reich".

Your sad pathetic attempts to sabotage American recovery have been seen by the VAST majority of Americans as exactly that. You want to truly help our Nation climb out of the deep dank dark hole that you dug for it then pushed us into? Then do this; Sit down and shut up for a while. Go sit in a corner and think about the disasters you have wrought upon this nation you claim so loudly to love.

If you cannot summon the decency and simple patriotism to do that, then in the words of the late great Zero Mostel...

"Just say OOPS! and get out!"

Oh and Michael Steele, as you are DETERMINED that millions of Americans should NEVER have the same basic rights as everyone else, the only thing I can say to you is this - I hope somehow through some twist of fate, you actually read this. And when you do, the small fear filled mind rattling around inside your head - explodes.

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