Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What the "Birthers" mean for the GOP...

From the "Wow... you have GOT to be kidding..." department.

Rachel Maddow sets up for us the following remarkable bit of video footage. It was shot earlier this year at town hall meeting for Delaware Republican Congressman Mike Castle.

People who subscribe to these wingnut conspiracy theories will never accept any proof that contradicts their beliefs. For them it doesn't matter that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, it doesn't matter to these nuts how much concrete evidence you show them. They WANT DESPERATELY to believe that Barack Obama is not a natural born American and therefore cannot be President.


You'll find the answer to that question in what the woman at the town hall says after proclaiming the President is not an American Citizen. She announces that her father fought in World War II, (so did President Obama's Grandfather and Uncle), then she literally screams into the microphone; "I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!" To which the majority of the crowd cheers in approval.

This woman and those who cheered her comments, apparently feel that with the election of Barack Obama they have "lost their country". Why? Simple...

Barack Obama is black.

The "Birther" movement isn't really about citizenship, it is about race. Having a black President of the United States has completely unhinged some of these people and they are now the loudest voice in the Republican Party. That's right folks. It isn't the fiscal conservatives, it's not the American exceptionalists, it isn't even the religious evangelicals. Nope, the dominant voices in the Republican Party now are the racist conspiracy nuts.


To my Republican friends, all I can say is good luck with that.

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