Friday, September 25, 2009

The original "Tea Baggers" said they were grass roots too...


Let's clear up a few things shall we?

If you think President Obama

- was born in Kenya
- was born in Indonesia
- is a Muslim
- is a Marxist
- wants to reform health care so the government can kill old people,
- hates America
- is in any way similar to Adolf Hitler, or Joseph Stalin
- or was not legitimately elected (by a landslide) as President
- is a Socialist
- is Fascist
- is the Anti-Christ

If you believe ANY of these things, you are either a complete and utter moron, lacking the basic intelligence God gave geese, OR you are a frightened racist who simply cannot handle the fact that the President of the United States is not white.

Now I could take up lots of blogspace here showing point-by-point how all the unhinged wing nut claims about President Obama and his Administration are just that , bat sh*t crazy with no basis in reality or fact. But you know what? It isn't worth my time.

These people are barely worth even time it takes to expose them as the nutjobs they are... Thankfully The Daily Show did it for me!

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These people are not angry about policy, the vast majority don't even know (or much care) what the Administration's proposals actually are. Ask one of these idiots what a public option for health coverage actually is, and they have no idea. It isn't worth taking the time to say to the VERY angry older white man waving his "NO OBAMA CARE" sign that he gets his health care PAID FOR BY A PUBLIC OPTION! (Medicare)

This isn't about policy, It is about race. The Black Man in the White House is just a bit too scary for them. It is not based in any rational thought. Much like people on the far far left who truly hated George W. Bush and would stand out in Civic Center Plaza here in San Francisco shouting about "9-11 was in inside job!" It is a sad and pathetic congruence of ignorance and animosity.

One former leader of the Religious Right has correctly labeled these village idiots as the "Fifth Column of Insanity." I would say he was being kind..

So "Tea-party Patriots", since you clearly have no interest in facts or reality I have to ask; are you really that stupid, or just racist?

Which is it?

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