Monday, July 26, 2010

CNN Reports on Immigration Equality

The story was actually very well done,  aside from one thing.  CCN just had to let  Maggie Gallagher,  the hateful troll from the National Organization for (some people's) Marriage  weigh in.  Since  Gallagher's marriage, (by her own admission),  is "less than perfect" she is apparently determined to wreck as many other people's lives as she can.

It is just sad that this bigoted little hate-monger claims  to be a Christian, and lives her life in complete contradiction  to the  good news of the Gospels.

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Anonymous said...

That lady says: Everyone would love to bring a loved one to the US, well many people can bring their loved ones to the US. Citizens can bring their foreign opposite-sex spouses, their foreign born children. Legal Citizens from other countries can bring their parents, and children too. So, immigration is a right that everyone else has to bring their foreign spouse, unless they are gay.