Monday, August 16, 2010

So Are Ya' Pregnant Yet???

The  good folks over at the  Huffington Post  bring us the latest  last  gasp of insanity from  the Theocratic Republic of  Teabagistan...

California voters had sound reasons and were not motivated by anti-gay bias when they outlawed same-sex unions in 2008, sponsors of the ban said Monday while urging a federal appeals court to stop gay weddings from resuming.
In addition, the state's interest in promoting responsible procreation through heterosexual marriages would be harmed if gay marriages were permitted while the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reviews a previous ruling that overturned Proposition 8, lawyers contended in legal filings.
"The record leaves no doubt, none at all, that California, 44 other states, and the vast majority of countries throughout the world continue to draw the line at marriage because it continues to serve a vital societal interest that is equally ubiquitous – to channel potentially procreative sexual relationships into enduring, stable unions for the sake of responsibly producing and raising the next generation," the lawyers wrote.
When you have this much craziness to choose from,  it's  hard to know exactly where to begin.  So  lets  start with pointing out  the obvious;   When the  supporters of  Prop 8 say  "the record leaves no doubt..."   by  "record"  they mean whichever  one of the voices in their heads was loudest that day.    
So having failed  with the  "You can't let the Gays get married  because  Jeebus  hates 'em."  argument,  the proponents of  Prop 8 are trying  their favorite last-ditch argument  one more time.    Since  they couldn't offer any proof  of  their  claim that  Same Sex Marriage will harm children, hey have tweaked it  just a bit.  Now  letting the Gays marry will  cause  straight people  to  stop having children all together.  Because, the true  purpose of Marriage  is to  be first and foremost  a  Baby Factory.    
It's hard  not  to  wonder  if  the National Organization for  (some people's)  Marriage even knows  they have  become a sad  parody of  a Monty Python production number...
The defendants in  Perry v. Schwarzenegger  have once again  decided  to simply pull  wackiness  out of their asses and  call it  fact.    This is why  these bigots keep losing in court.  On FOX News  they  spew their  nonsense and never  have to offer any proof.  Courts of Law, however  tend to  require  that  all that  pesky stuff  called  "evidence".  
Last week  Tony Perkins, the  Grand Wizard  of the  'Family Research Council'  was on "Face the Nation".  He   tried his darnedest   to  spin opinion into fact, but  that sneaky  David Boies  kept  insisting  on  bringing  reality  into the  conversation.   (Tony hates it when  that happens...)
So the last ditch  legal  argument of  American Taliban to stop Same Sex couples  from getting married  next Wednesday is this;  Unless you are  churning out  kids every nine months  your  marriage is not  valid, and is even a  threat  to  State of  California.
Seriously,  these people  are  insane.

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