Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hey Middle Class and Poor Americans, The GOP Hates You...

The past week  has been  an amazing one in American Politics.  As the  outgoing lame duck Congress comes back into session  to  try to tie up a number of loose ends, the Republican Party  has decided to double down on their strategy of  preventing  anything  from  getting done, no matter the cost.
In one of the most remarkable displays of  politics at  its worst,  the  outgoing GOP minority has decided that  since  they have ignored sanity, reason, and  the good of American People for four years,  why should  they change now.    
With  over  two million  Americans  facing  the  expiration  of their unemployment compensation benefits at midnight tonight,  with a vital arms reduction treaty with  Russia  awaiting ratification,  and with pending action on the  debt ceiling  to  insure  ability of the  Government itself  to  continue functioning;  what  do you suppose  the  GOP  says  is  it's  ONLY  priority...
Tax cuts  for the  wealthiest of the  wealthy.  The  top 2% of  millionaires  and  billionaires.  The GOP is  so  concerned  about  giving  tax breaks  to the richest of the  rich that  today  they  announced that  they will  prevent  ANY and ALL  other  legislation from  being  voted on  until  the tax cuts for the uber-rich are  passed. Rachel Maddow  breaks it down for us.

So just to be clear, it is the  official position of the  Republican Party that Government stepping in to prevent  over  two million unemployed Americans from losing  their only means of  support  is completely  unacceptable,  because it would add  60 Billion Dollars to  the federal deficit in the short term.  But  giving  tax cuts to the wealthiest people in America  that would add more than 700 Billion Dollars to the  deficit...  THAT is  so important to Republicans that  they  will allow  NOTHING else to get done until  their tax cuts for the super rich are passed.  
It is clear that  in the mind of the GOP, anyone who dares  point  out that  tax cuts for the  mega rich do not  create jobs or stimulate  the broader economy,  (a FACT  that  the past 8 years have clearly shown)  must be  a socialist  who  clearly  hates America.  The GOP loves to talk about  Jobs, but  has no desire to  do ANYTHING that might actually  create more of them.  Again,  Rachel Maddow takes us down the  GOP's delusional garden path.

It is clear the if you are unemployed, or even if you are simply  not  among the wealthiest two percent of  Americans, the  Republican Party  thinks you  are  clearly  a lazy parasite and hates you  for standing between them and their beloved tax breaks for the ultra-rich.

Happy Holidays America!  For those of you who now will be  destitute because the  GOP wrecked the economy  and you lost  your job , and now have no unemployment benefits;  The  Republican opposition to you having  affordable  Health Care now makes sense.   They  want you to hurry up and die,  to  "decrease the  surplus population..."

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