Friday, September 23, 2011

When Bigoted Hypocrisy Replaces Sanity and Patriotism ... Welcome to the GOP

Last night was  one more  of  the  seemingly endless  Republican  "Presidential Candidate Debates".  A sad pathetic effort  to  make people think  that  the  2012 election campaign is somehow  in full swing in September of  2011.

I didn't watch the latest American Taliban bitch-fest.   For one,  I would have had to stay up until 4 am here in London to  catch it live.   For another it was on FOX News,  and  if  given the choice of  undergoing a combination  root canal - colostomy  or  watching Fox News?  Pass the Novocaine.

So  I missed  what  was the  defining  moment for the modern Republican Party.   It was the moment where all the  slogans, all the speeches,  all the  remaining trappings  of  any resemblance to a legitimate political party  seeking to offer  an alternative  electoral  choice to the American People,  finally  fell away.  Revealing for  the entire world  what is left;   Rancid,  ugly  hate filled  hypocrisy.

The  modern day Republican Party, which has made it's living off of claiming  to  "support the troops"  more than anyone else, showed the world  just what  a warped twisted lie all that patriotic posturing really is.

From The Hill
Some members of the GOP debate audience booed a gay soldier who asked via video whether the Republican candidates would reinstitute the recently repealed "Don't ask, don't tell" policy of banning openly gay soldiers.

After Stephen Hill, who is serving in the Army in Iraq, asked his question, a handful of members of the audience booed loudly. None of the Republican candidates responded to the audience's reaction. Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) answered that "Any type of sexual activity has no place in the military" and that he would return to the policy of requiring gays and lesbians to stay silent on their sexuality or get thrown out of the military. His response garnered loud applause.

Here it is...

I have said it before. The Republican Party of 2011 has nothing that they can ask the American People to vote FOR. Their policies are designed to direct all resources and opportunity to only the top one tenth of one percent of Americans.   Anyone who doesn't fall into that category of the uber-wealthy is in the mind of the GOP,  insignificant and disposable. 
Dying as result of poverty is to the GOP, a natural cause. Anything government does to help anyone outside that one tenth of one percent, is "Socialism!!", and President Obama is some Indonesian-Kenyan-Marxist-Leninist-Islamic Manchurian Candidate, planted in Hawaii decades ago as part of some long term plot to destroy America. 
All that doesn't really play well on a bumper sticker. So the GOP knows their only hope is to give America something to vote AGAINST. To do that you need voters to be two things, angry and afraid.   So the plan for 2012 is simple,  get Americans angry at the scary Black man in the White House,  and get them afraid of....?

Well, let's see. The GOP can't campaign against Women, Blacks and Jews anymore, (at least not openly, Pat Buchanan apparently didn't get that memo.) Telling Americans they need to hate Hispanics has turned out to be a losing electoral strategy thanks to America's shifting demographics, and the "Islamo-facist" boogie man lost it's punch when it became clear most of the post 9-11 terror alerts were based far more on George W. Bush's poll numbers, than any actual intelligence.   So who's left?

Oh yeah... The Gays. When the GOP is too crazy for life long Republicans like Senator Alan Simpson, you know the Republican Party has jumped the shark.

In 2011, the Republican faithful will jeer and boo at an American soldier, serving his country and risking his life in a war zone because it fits the narrative of who their party has told them they should fear and hate.

This is not about "Don't Ask Don't Tell", or even about what the assorted Republican candidates think about LGBT rights. It is about living up to words they spout so freely, professing their admiration and support for those brave men and women who risk their lives serving our nation in the military. 

We now know what all those bold "we support the troops more than you...", words were... A lie.

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