Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cardinal Spirit - circa 2011... Wow.

I came across this  Video  on Facebook today.  It is  a mass  "lip dub"  done by the students  Sun Prairie Senior High School in  Sun Prairie Wisconsin.   The  American High School that  I  graduated from in  198... something  or other...  Watching this  video   I was struck  by some  amazing  differences and changes that have taken place  there  over the past  quarter century.  

The first and most noticeable  the new  School building,  which  makes the old hallowed halls look like something  out of  bad  80's  after school special.   But even more  striking is  the  the diversity of the  Student  population.   When I  attended  SPHS there were  three students of color , that's it.   SPHS  today  makes  a Benetton ad look monochrome.

Then  there is  the  just the fact that  so many  students  came together   to make this.   I will  confess,  I don't think I could ever  imagine  my own  classmates  coming  together to do anything  even remotely similar.   Well,  maybe,  but  highly  doubtful..   It seems that  times  do change, and  change for better.

Wow...  Well done  SPHS!

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Tim Culver said...


As an alum of Sun Prairie, you may enjoy the superintendent's blog. He also featured the lip dup....your blog came up in my google analytics as a mention of Sun Prairie. Nice words about your alma mater.! Here is the link to superintendent's blog

Sarah Heck
Communications Specialist
Sun Prairie Area School District