Sunday, December 04, 2011

Why Barack Obama will be Re-elected. Continued....

Writing this week in The Washington Post,  conservative heavyweight George Will, examines  the  now two-horse race for the GOP  Presidential  nomination  between former  Massachusetts  Governor, Willard, "Mitt" Romney, and former  House Speaker, and Georgia Congressman  Newt Gingrich.

In the piece,  Will characterizes  the reversal in  political fortunes of the two as a move from  "bad to worse".   In fairness,   George Will  is not what you could call  an unbiased  observer.  His own wife is an advisor to  rival  GOP Presidential candidate,  Texas Governor Rick Perry.  

When  the topic of  Newt Gingrich comes up  with  his fellow talking heads, on ABC's,  "This Week",  George Will  tends to  make it clear, he doesn't  take  Gingrich even remotely seriously.

As far as Mitt Romney goes, in his piece in the Washington Post, Will compares an Obama-Romney match up to Harry Truman going up against Thomas Dewey. Hardly a metaphor for Republican success. So who does George Will think the GOP should pick to go up against President Obama next November? Former U.S. Ambassador to China, and Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

Huntsman's positions of being in favor of civil unions for same sex couples, believing in climate change and evolution, mean he is the one candidate in the current GOP field who is not either, woefully opportunistic in their policy track record, or completely insane.

Thankfully for  Democrats  it also means  he is  the one man who  the Republican Party will never, ever, not in a million years,  pick as their nominee.  For the simple reason, the  nutjob  theocrats who now control the GOP would never allow it.

Why not?  Simple.  It's the same reason they are now  willing to  overlook Newt Gingrich's three marriages and track record of serial  adultery.   Huntsman, like Romney is a Mormon and that just gives  the Evangelical nutjobs  of the GOP the willies.

The fact that the opinion of George Will,  one of the  American Conservative Movement's most  prominent minds is being completely  ignored,  is a fascinating  glimpse into  the  Republican Party of  2011.  Their lockstep allegiance to  an American Taliban-esqe conservative social agenda at all costs,  will all but hand  a second term to  Barack Obama on silver platter.

It will be interesting to see  what  will happen  when the  Republican Party, which went completely insane when they lost to Barack Obama the first time,  faces the reality that  his  re-election  was far more their own doing,  than a result of anything the Democrats did.

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