Monday, September 17, 2012

I can't wait for Election Day and see Fox News Cry...

It's interesting  watching  the  circus  of  hate, hypocrisy  and dysfunction that is the  Republican Party and it's  American Taliban owners.    But  particularly  this time around,  as this week,  I have  the rare opportunity to do so from inside a Muslim country,

While the  Romney campaign tries desperately to flog it's  talking point of  President Obama "apologizing for American values",  the  editorials and opinion pages here in  Malaysia  tell a very different story.

Yesterday was  "Malaysia Day" here.  The national holiday commemorating the founding of Malaysia as an independent nation  47 years ago.   Yet the opinion pages of the major  news papers  were full of letters to editors from  Muslim Imams and  Clerics  all  expressing  their horror, shock and dismay at  brutal attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi Libya, and  asking  faithful Muslims the world over to  condemn the extremists  who are murdering  in the name of their religion.

Not  blaming America,  not  saying it's  America's fault , not saying the film maker is to blame,  but  saying the mobs who attacked our diplomatic missions and murdered  our  citizens  are  the ones to blame and who are the real insult to the Islamic faith.

Funny how Fox News  never reports that huh?

So many conservatives,  people I know  to be  reasonably intelligent,  thinking people  have  jumped on the apology talking point knowing full well  it is  a bald faced lie.   The  Twitter posting  the  US Embassy in Cairo put out  condemning an anti-Islamic film  in the United States  was done before the protests occurred, and was not in any way,  any sort of apology for  American values.  But,  the wing nuts  who now own the GOP don't care.  Facts don't matter any more.  The truth is just  inconvenient  liberal bias.  These people are insane, racist, anti American nut-jobs  who  don't care about the welfare of the United States,  they just  hate  President Obama.

At the latest  American Taliban Hate-fest  they even admitted out loud  that to buy into the  load of crap they are spewing you have to be pretty stupid.

Of course when Rick Santorum  says  "the church and the family", he means only  his church, and only his family.   If you are not a right wing theo-fascist  who hates the idea that United States Constitution applies to everyone then the America the "Values Voters" seeks to bring about  probably doesn't have much room in it for you .

Personally I can't wait for  Election Day,  so much so that I will even be  flying back to the United States to  be there  when President Barack Obama  is re-elected to a second term.   When that happens,  and  the certainly of that  has been made all the more clear this past week watching the  hate fuelled lunacy that now passes for the modern GOP,   I will be there  television set  tuned  to FOX News,   because I cannot wait to see these  lunatics  literally  lose their minds.

For all my friends  who still support the  insanity that is the GOP,  here is a photo to keep in the back of your mind,  you will soon be seeing it live  again, come  January 2013


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