Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Conservative "Evangelical" Merchants of Death...

And here I was feeling pretty good this week....

President Obama came out for LGBT inclusive Immigration Reform, and the Boy Scouts of America began the process of ending it's blanket ban on Gay and Lesbian membership. Then I read about the tragic death of young Jadin Bell in Oregon.

Late yesterday, local media in  Oregon reported that  Jadin's family in consultations with doctors, made the decision to take Jadin off life support...

There comes a point where you run out of adjectives  to verbalize just how  horrific  this is.  Words like  "senseless" and "preventable"  just ring hollow and I find myself just starring at the keyboard fighting the urge to pound my fists  into it, in rage for the fact that  I know full well there are people in America who will actually take  delight and satisfaction  in the death of this young man and others like him.

Meet the most evil,  hateful,  ungodly, un-American cheerleaders of  death you will ever meet:

James Dobson
 Focus on the Family
Brian Brown
 National Organization for Marriage

Tony Perkins -
American Family  Association
Bryan Fischer
American Family Association

All of these self-proclaimed "Christians" have fought tooth and nail to stop any effort to educate students and teachers on the dangers of anti-LGBT bullying . These perverse hate mongers know full well that Anti-bullying efforts in public schools are a direct threat to their ability to fund-raise by dehumanizing Gays and Lesbians. This in spite of the clear evidence that bullying based on sexual orientation was the direct cause of a number of tragic teen suicides across the the United States last year. With Jadin being only the most recent.

These people are insane bigots, They are so filled with hatred for people who don't share their sad twisted anti-American, anti-Constitutional world view, they would seek to stop efforts that could help save kids lives. Jadin Bell is the latest in a far too long list of young people who have been bullied to death with the full encouragement and approval of these sub-human death-profiteers.

They are the American Taliban and Jadin Bell's blood is only the latest stain on their blood-soaked hands.   

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