Friday, May 24, 2013

The BSA takes it's first step into the 21rst Century....

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This is a first step,  (Okay,  it's an imperfect, legally problematic and contextually offensive first step that basically says;  a 17 years, and 364 day old gay person is just fine, but  24 hours later that same person is now a threat to kids..?! )   

But it IS a step FORWARD none the less. Because of the decision made today the policy on banning gay adult Scouters will very likely collapse under the weight of its own stupidity in next few years. I heard from a number of people who were "in the room" during the vote, and the fact that it passed with 61% is telling where attitudes of the BSA Membership is heading.

 I know advocates for equality would rather have had  a full victory rather than a partial one here, but the BSA was at a true crossroads yesterday, and despite hiking at a slow pace, they overwhelmingly chose the path that goes forward. No small thing, that.

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Well said as always Dave.