Thursday, June 30, 2016

BoJo The Clown flees the scene of the mess he helped make...

What is now painfully obvious is... BoJo the Clown's master plan was to back a Leave campaign that would narrowly lose, then stand for Tory Leader, either against a weakened David Cameron or with Cameron's blessing as to "Heal the rift" in the party, and become Prime Minister. While being able to whine and moan about "the overreach of the EU" but not have to actually leave it. Thus having his Euro-cake while being able to still complain about it while he eats it.

It was a cunning plan Black Adder!, He would get to be PM while keeping his Faux Anti- EU bona fides intact..... Yeah, but then anti-migrant hordes he had spent weeks stirring up into a rabid racist frenzy, went and voted.

Well the vote result (leave) torpedoed Boris' master plan real quick and then David Cameron's resignation meant, whoever comes next, owns this particular sh*tstorm the UK now finds itself in. It didn't take long for BoJo to figure out that as PM he would either have to admit his grand pandering lie, and stop the Brexit , or preside over the economic suicide of the UK,

Being the mop haired profile in cowardice that he is.. he has fled from the mess he played a central role in making.

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