Friday, July 15, 2016

Hitting the "Mute" Button for a Bit...

Hey there Everyone...

Like so many others, I am going to take a break from Social Media for a bit. I will undoubtedly re-join the great virtual debate a few weeks, but for now, I am just tired.

Tired of hearing people say that mass shootings have nothing to do with Guns. Tired of hearing people say that I have to choose between supporting law enforcement, and the idea that Black Lives matter just a much as everyone else’s.

I am tired of hearing that another deluded madman has gone and killed dozens of innocent people and in doing so perverted and polluted the faith of millions of Muslims around the globe.

I am tired of watching Republican cowards stand idly by while a bloviating, racist idiot, destroys the credibility, viability and legacy of their Party. I am tired of hearing a disgraced serial adulterer man-whore on his third marriage, claim that MY marriage is a threat to America .

So it’s time to hit the “mute” button for a bit. Not indefinitely, but for a week or so. Instead of reading  my news feed and getting a headache, I plan to take my husband’s hand and go for walk. We live in a magnificent city. It’s time to get out and enjoy Summer in London   (Yes we do have Summer here, this year I think it is on a Thursday…)

That way I will be refreshed and recharged and ready to comment on what happens next week in Cleveland and two weeks after that in Philadelphia.

Happy Summer everyone.


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