Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Latest Episode of: "What Donald meant was..."

One of the things supporters of Donald Trump cite as reasons for supporting him is; “He tells it like it is!” and “He means what he says!”. Yet never before in modern American history has a campaign and political party had to spend so much time clarifying how what their candidate “really meant” is different from what he actually said.

The latest episode of  “Donald Trump said what?!?” comes to us from a rally yesterday in North Carolina, where the Republican nominee suggested the  way to prevent  Hillary Clinton from appointing judges should she be elected President,   would be that “2nd Amendment people” might have a way to stop her.

The reaction on both sides of the political spectrum has been swift and fairly predictable.  Sane people are horrified and crazy  people and their apologists are blaming everybody BUT Donald Trump for the controversy.  The New York Daily News  devoted its entire front page to calling for Trump to either end his campaign,  or for the GOP to finally walk away from him,  (Good luck with that...)

But  all of that really is not the issue.  Also the issue isn't did Donald Trump mean somebody should shoot Hillary Clinton, because clearly he didn't mean that..   But the fact remains,  he SAID that, and he said that knowing full well that  it could be interpreted as such.

Here is the reality of Donald Trump,  he said it because he thought it would sound good. He said it because he thought the crowd there would like it.  There was no thought process beyond that.  He gave no thought  as to would it be a wise thing to say or an appropriate thing say, or even a potentially dangerous thing to say.  Donald Trump's  train of thought never makes it that far down the track.

We are now in a time when  there is no point in asking if this latest episode of the Trump un-reality show will be too much for the Republican Party to bear.  It's not.   The fact is the GOP has decided that this is who they are, and the real tragedy is, they are right.  This really IS who they are, and what they have become.

Trump is the political equivalent of the guy in a youtube clip who,  moments before the totally predictable,  horrible accident, turns to his buddies and says "hold my beer  while I try sumthin..."   He is what it would look like if  MTV's  Jackass  was  political campaign.  

Donald Trump is not stupid,  he just can't be bothered to think any of this through.

I'll say it again, Donald Trump is not stupid.   Donald Trump,  is a fool.   Like most fools,  he will do and say foolish, reckless, dangerous  and profoundly stupid things, with no thought to any potential consequences;   simply for the short term gratification of  being  the center of attention.

Like most fools,  he will make make mindbogglingly bad decisions, without a moment's hesitation, if those bad choices feed his ego.   If  anything bad does happen  as a result,  like most fools he will contort himself  incoherently  and attempt  to blame anyone and anything but himself.

So,  I have to ask my Republican friends one simple question;    Have you ever watched  Star Wars?

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