Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A letter to Senator John McCain

The Hon. Senator John McCain (R-AZ)
218 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

(First of all,  I understand the odds of  the Senator actually reading this letter are absurdly remote.  So let me take just a moment to speak to the member of your staff who is reading this on your behalf.    Hi there,  no I am not  one of the Senator’s  Arizona constituents.   I am an overseas, expat California voter who lives in London. Senator Diane Feinstein is my Senator.   But I  wanted  to write to Senator McCain and ask for his help, not as an Arizonan but as an American.)

Dear Senator McCain,

As preface, and confession.  I am not a Republican, (I used to be, but that is not germane to this discussion.)   But I have always admired your service to our country and have the deepest respect for the sacrifices you have made in the course of that service.  You Sir,  are a true American Hero.  

It is awfully tempting when looking at  the arc of your career in public service to ponder historical “what if’s”  It is hard not to imagine that,  had You  been successful in your campaign for the  Presidency in 2000, instead of then Governor Bush,  the world today (and the New York skyline) might well look very different than they do today.  But  that is neither here or there.  We are where we are.

And that,  is the problem.    

Senator.   The President of the United States has, either willingly or  unwittingly been  compromised by an adversarial foreign power.  His National Security Adviser was clearly a risk  to  our national security by his relationship with, and work on behalf of,  that same adversarial foreign power.   

The mountain of evidence that our very democratic process  was compromised is just the tip of a massive iceberg of concerns about this Administration;  and  its political, financial and potentially  illegal ties to Vladimir Putin’s regime.

All this from an Administration led by man who insulted, degraded and mocked not only your service and heroism,  but that of all POW’s

Senator, when  you ran for President again in 2008, your campaign slogan was “Country First”.  It is time to live up to that slogan.   The leadership of the Republican Party under Senator McConnell  and Speaker Ryan  have made it clear that they  will put partisan gain before country, regardless of the cost to our nation.   You sir are  the last remaining Statesman in your party, and all Americans desperately need you,  to once more put country first.   

You have made service to country the defining theme of your life, Sir.   That country now calls upon you again.  

You must stand up, and stop this insanity. The truth  of the Trump Campaign and now, Trump Administration’s  ties to Russia must be immediately  and thoroughly investigated by an independent counsel.   This  will never happen if left to GOP leadership.  

The very security and integrity of our nation is at stake.


David Fabie
London, United Kingdom

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