Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dear Trump Voters. We hate to tell you this... But,

You are all incredibly  sssstttuu.......   Well okay,  let's  put this way:

After 7 years  and  more than  60 votes to get rid of the Affordable Care Act,  the  GOP finally  had its moment.   They control the White House,  they control the House of Representatives, AND they control the Senate.    They have had SEVEN YEARS  to  carefully and exhaustively  craft the  "tremendous" replacement for the ACA they swore was coming on DAY ONE  when they finally got  into power.

Shockingly enough,  it turns out  the GOP is far better at  bitching about other people governing than actually doing any sort of governing themselves.   So much so,  that they have even caused  FOX News to say  WTF!?

Lets be  clear about what happened  yesterday.    The GOP health care plan had nothing to do with health care.  The Ryan/Trump/whateverthehellyoucallit  plan  was  a Trojan horse to do two things; First,   give massive tax cuts to the top 2% of the US economic ladder, and to pay for it by TAKING AWAY health insurance from 24 MILLION AMERICANS.  

Second,  it was a ticking time bomb set to  DESTROY MEDICARE by turning it into a capped  block grant program that  wouldn't be able to cover the needed numbers of recipients even  in the first year.  Then it would require denying benefits to more and more people every year after. It is a move purposely designed to kill the entire Medicare program.

But  the good news is,   it is clear Trump, Ryan  and the rest of the Congressional Republicans  were not able to find their own asses with both hands.  The "tremendous negotiator"  had no idea  how a bill becomes law.  let alone how to move a legislative priority through congress.  So he  deferred to  House Speaker Paul Ryan,  a  man who truly hates poor people and  hates any program designed to help poor people,  even more.

The hard  truth about Paul Ryan is this;  He is not a leader.  Not in any way shape or form, he was the default choice for Speaker of the House as he was the only Republican not visibly crazy, who was willing to take the job.

As Speaker of the House,  Paul Ryan was  completely unable to lead  the Republicans in Congress in any cohesive, collective way.   The Ryan Trojan Horse  was  too cruel  for moderate Republicans  and not cruel enough for  the "Freedom Caucus" (aka, the wing nuts formerly known as the Tea Party).

So  at the end of the day when the whole thing blew up in their faces, what did  President Trump do?  He blamed the Democrats, and  told a stream of more easily debunked lies about  the ACA  of course.   To the point where even  Republicans on  cable news panels were embarrassed.

Meanwhile  in addition to yesterday's signature legislative failure, that whole  Russia thing clearly  isn't going away anytime soon, and... and... and....

So Trump Voters,  how is that cheaper, better health insurance and all those new coal mining jobs working out for you ?

If you voted for Donald Trump you either are a White Supremacist, or  just plain stupid.

Take Your Pick.

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