Monday, August 14, 2017

We have seen this story before...

There once was a time when to be a true American Patriot meant you fought against Nazis.

Now we have a President of the United States who is beholden to them, and therefore unable to denounce them, even when they commit cold blooded murder of Americans.

Those who keep trying to draw equivalences by saying " both sides in Charlottesville engaged in violence!", are showing their true colors. Yes some the anti nazi protesters engaged in violence,... while FIGHTING NAZIS. Fighting something so vile that the entire world once went to WAR to destroy it.

If some of the protestors were violent, it was because what they were protesting is PURE EVIL in it's darkest form. So spare me the "we need to respect others right to free expression," nonsense. No, I don't. There is no right to freely advocate rounding up people like me and putting them in camps for extermination. There is no right to advocate that others are somehow less human than you are.

Whoever says "both sides were at fault" in Charlottesville, is saying It is ok to believe that I should have to wear a pink triangle, and that I am less human than they are. Anyone who says I should respect someone's right to hold those views, is a NAZI SYMPATHISER ,
and needs to know that is never going to happen.

There is no room for "finding common ground" it is not stooping to their level when we fight back. Turning the other cheek here is not morality, it is stupidity. There are times when evil must be fought, not negotiated with, not educated, not even resisted.. but FOUGHT. This is one of those times. It starts with angry young men with torches demanding the "right" to attack others. We have seen this story before we KNOW how it ends, the ONLY response it to must be to END it before it goes any farther.

Today is a very good day to stop and remember our history...

Anyone who believes what these monsters espouse is my mortal enemy, and I will treat them as 

I will give Keith Olbermann the last word on this.

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