Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I've Been Told.....

I am going to violate my own embargo on posting about Donald Trump.

Normally I would ignore the latest lie / tantrum / tweet-torm / insanity as just more of the same from this administration and the infantile orange tinged sociopath who occupies the White House. Yet this time it is worth commenting on for a couple of reasons.

In a press conference in the White House Rose Garden yesterday. Trump was asked why, after two weeks he had still not commented publicly on the deaths of four US special forces soldiers, killed in an ambush earlier this month in western Niger.   The US troops had been embedded with a larger unit of Nigerien troops and were attacked as they left a meeting with local community leaders a few dozen kilometres from the remote town of Tongo Tongo.

It is always interesting to watch Donald Trump answer a question he was not prepared for.   It is like watching a child try to explain a mess he has been found in the middle of.  It begins with rambling assurances that there actually isn't a mess and that the room is supposed to look like this. 

Then when it becomes  clear that isn't working,  the child segues to a big fib, to redirect blame and attention.  In this case how all the other kids made far worse messes  than him,  in fact  he is  the cleanest, neatest kid EVER.  

If Donald Trump were in fact,  a small child trying to get out of cleaning his room, this might be endearingly funny.    But instead  we saw a 70 year old man,  the President of United States do this in a desperate attempt to distract attention from the fact that he has not paid any attention whatsoever to the deaths of four American Green Berets,  in a terrorist attack. 

Like a Toddler caught in fib, When Trump gets caught in a lie his goto follow up is .... to tell another lie to justify it . His usual follow up fib has been, and was in this case as well; "I don’t know, that’s what I’m told.”

Just like he "was told" his inauguration had the biggest crowd ever?

Just like he "was told" that President Obama had wiretapped him during the campaign?

And who can forget all the times Trump "was told" about President Obama's Birth Certificate?

What makes this latest "it's what I was told", lie particularly pathetic was his desperate flailing attempt to blame this on the Military. Claiming he was told by Generals that President Barack Obama didn't call Gold Star families. When pressed to explain his lie, Trump stammered; "'President Obama I think probably did sometimes and sometimes he didn't,' Trump said. 'All I can do is ask my generals.'

So who was it who "told" Trump this time? Which Generals? When? Asking all of these questions is pointless because Donald Trump is lying. And like toddler with no concept of honesty, when when he gets caught in the lie, he just tells a bigger lie to try to shift the focus or blame.

But don't dwell on this too long.  After all, tomorrow's lie will be even bigger and crazier,  and in no time at all you'll have forgotten all about today's lie.

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