Monday, May 21, 2018

I get it now... It's hard to admit a mistake.

I think I have it figured out...

Like many people I have wondered how any American with any sort of conscience or common sense could still be defending Donald Trump Yet all you need do is surf over to fox news dot com and scroll through  the comment threads to find Trump Supporters who are desperate to talk about ANYthing but the core issues surrounding this President. 

President Trump said multiple times that he "had no deals with anyone in Russia".  That was a LIE he did.    President Trump said no one in his campaign ever met with Russians or people connected to Russia, That was also a LIE, there were multiple contacts on multiple levels.    The President says the Special Council investigation is run by Democrats, that is also a LIE Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein are both Republicans.
and... and... and... 

But Ok , I get it. They can't ever face those facts because it means admitting they got conned.  Like the little old lady who gives her bank details to the "Nigerian Prince" who emailed her for help, They fell for the scam hook  line and sinker. 
  • They voted to drain the swamp. President Trump filled it instead. 
  • They voted for America First, and President Trump has instead lost  Billions of dollars in Trade (specifically agricultural trade) to China and Russia. 
  • They voted for a POTUS who said  he'd  be too busy working to play Golf, and instead they got one who is too busy golfing to actually work. 
 So yeah, I can see why they feel so defensive.

Hey! I feel their pain! I voted for Barack Obama. TWICE, thinking I was getting passionate progressive, and instead I got a moderate corporate centrist who squandered his majority and mandate trying to appease people who were never going to work with him, even on things they had thought of, (like the Health Insurance Individual mandate - which was a GOP idea.)

The Republican Party was once a beacon of rational and inspired patriotism. Now it is addicted to crazy. And like most addicts the hardest thing is admitting you have problem. So I get it, Trump voters log online, rail and rant about the "libs" and "Fake News" but we all know the real issue is, they cannot bring themselves to admit they were duped.

 But admitting you made a mistake is the first step to fixing it.

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