Thursday, June 04, 2009

A clear consise examination of Marriage Equality

To be honest, I think most people here in CA are just sick of this whole debate. Not because the question of equal rights for all Californians is something we don't care about, but more because the arguments opponents of civil rights use when trying to make their case.

Folks like Maggie Gallagher and James Dobson, (who do not even live here in CA and certainly don't pay taxes here.) are determined to be the ones who decide which citizens of my state get civil rights and which do not.

I know dozens of Gay and Lesbian couples,and families that simply want the same rights as everyone else. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less. Yet the arguments oppoents use to make a case against giving same sex couples equal rights are at best, ridiculous, and in all truth, bigoted and hateful.

The video below isone of the best examinations of the debate that I've seen so far..


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