Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Post Election Musings....

I knew watching the television coverage of last night's election was a mistake...

Not so much for the results of the specific races. For the most part last night was not a bad night for the President or for the Democrats. For the GOP winning the Governors races in New Jersey and Virginia will undoubtedly be spun as a "referendum on the Obama Administration".

Yet back here in reality land, Governor's races are about State and Local issues. People don't vote for Governor thinking about what the President of the United States might do or not do. They think about roads, schools, State taxes, and even the environment. Funny how the Republicans don't want to talk about the races that actually had a direct impact on the "Obama Agenda".

For if, as Sean Inanity, Glen Teabagger Beck and Rush Oxycontin Limbaugh have been spewing all day today; last night was a vote on if the country agrees with the direction Barack Obama is taking it, then there is only one real question to ask post-election:

Is the Republican Party's minority in Congress bigger or smaller today as a result of last nights voting? Is the Democratic Party's majority in Congress bigger or smaller as a result of last nights voting?

In the both of the two Congressional seats up for grabs in NY and CA, the Republicans lost. In the case of the Seat in upstate New York they didn't just lose, their nut job teabagger candidate was sent packing embarrassingly early in the evening. So if last night was a referendum on the "Obama Agenda" (as Fox 'News' likes to call it), then Obama won. Fairly decisively.

GOP Minority = Smaller. Democratic Majority = Bigger. Poor Michael Steele, reality is a real bummer, huh? Also, it is worth mentioning again, the ONE candidate who was trying to run against President Obama, New York State Congressional candidate Doug Hoffman was, as I pointed out, sent scurrying with his teabag between his legs early in the evening.

Up in Washington State, voters approved "Marriage-lite" for it's Lesbian and Gay citizens with the passage of a Domestic Partnership Law,
and in New York City, Michael Bloomberg was able to buy a third term as Mayor. It only took one hundred million dollars of his own money, so his re-election victory comes in at the bargain price of $72.00 per vote cast.

Then we have the voting last night up in the State of Maine...

The good citizens of Maine had previously approved marriage for Same Sex couples. Apparently that was too much equality and justice for some, so a ballot initiative just like, (and brought to you by many of the same people behind) California's "Prop 8' was born. Just like Prop 8 in CA , Prop 1 in Maine was to take away an existing civil right from one minority group. When the dust settled early this Morning, the result was also very familiar to those of us here in CA who remember the Prop 8 battle of one year ago...
So apparently the equal protection clause of the United States Constitution only applies to SOME Americans.

So just to be clear; It is in the United States, in 2009 completely acceptable to put the civil rights of a minority group up to popular vote. It is perfectly OK in the USA in the 21rst Century to codify one set of religious sensibilities into civil law and force it on everyone else. On the one year anniversary of the election of the first African-American President, it is perfectly fine to regulate one group of Americans to second class citizenship. If last night's vote in Maine has shown LGBT Americans anything, it is that they are living in an Apartheid state.

The United States of America has become an idiot theocracy where Gays and Lesbians are the one group it is OK to still hate, discriminate against, and who's basic rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness can be subjected to public vote.

To the Mormon Bigots and Catholic Child Molesters who led the fight to take away civil rights, to you I say; when you do finally meet your Lord on Judgement day, I will be praying for you. Because I am not sure that God will know who you are.

To colossal monument to stupidity and hate that is today's Republican Party, to you I say; your hatred of this nation's Constitution,values and its people is sickening. You are completely un-American and are a disgrace to our history, our founding principles and your actions mar the memory of all who have fought and died for our rights and freedoms.

To anyone and everyone who thinks that somehow giving two people of the same gender the same rights as you , not more rights, not "special rights" ONLY the exact SAME rights as you , somehow harms, 'attacks" or even has any impact at all on your life, marriage or family... To you I say, YOU have opened this Pandora's Box of the tyranny of the majority.

Be certain of this, there will come a day when the precedent you have set will turn on you. When it is YOUR rights that are at stake, I hope those you have harmed, are able to do unto you exactly what you have done.

In the meantime, you can take your distortion of Christianity, your disrespect for your fellow citizens, your hate, your bile and your sheer stupidity... and go to hell.


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