Monday, November 02, 2009

Thoughts on a warm California Night...


I went up on the roof a little bit ago and saw the brilliant full moon hanging over San Francisco, and I was reminded once again of just how far away London is. I posted that thought as a "status update" on Facebook. A few moments later a wonderful co-worker of mine posted a comment saying she knew the feeling writing about her husband; "Yeah. Afghanistan is pretty far too... I feel your pain, Dude."

(I then responded "Ok you win!")

But the one great inconvenient truth we both face remains the same. When the person you most would like to sitting next to you enjoying this brilliant warm breezy California night is thousands of miles away, well.. it sucks.

Big time...

They say "distance makes the heart grow fonder" and yes, there is some truth to that. But the people who tend to say that are not the ones in long distance relationships. Causing those of us who are to have to fight the urge to deck them for hauling out what cant help but sound like tired platitudes.

Distance doesn't just make the heart grow fonder, it makes the heart hurt.

So hello long distance lovers where ever you are. May your hearts grow not just fonder but stronger. So Hester, Let's both raise a glass and toast that someday when distance becomes an arms reach away.

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