Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2010... Welcome to the...uh... Future??

Wow...  2010.    How  did  that happen?  I remember  sitting  in  elementary school  in  January 1980,   Our teacher  asked  the class to share our  "predictions of  what  what we thought life and  the world  would be like  in the year  2010.  

We  all   had  the typical  "kid answers";  flying cars,  cities under the sea  and on the surface of  the moon and  suborbital  fights  that  would  get  you from   New York  to  Tokyo in  twenty  minutes.    Basically   life  in 2010  would be  one big episode  of "The Jetsons".

Then  in 1983  the  consumer  electronics  industry  was going to put the future in the palm of our hands!... Well,  sort of....

That next  year in 1984,   Hollywood  did  for  2010  what  it had done  for  the year  2000  sixteen years  earlier. With   the  'sequel'  to  "2001 A  Space Odyssey",   "2010  The Year We Make Contact" gave  us a  less fanciful , but  none the less  fantastic  image of  what  awaited  mankind  at the dawn of the  21rst Century's  second decade.  Space shots  to  Jupiter,  colonies on  Mars  and  the  ever  present  talking  computer to do  our  work  for us.

A good friend of mine who was with me in that classroom  30 years ago,   recently  lamented how much the  reality of  2010 didn't  match our  predictions.   I told him,  when you compare  just how  different  life is now  in relation to technology , it  really is remarkable.   He  wasn't  all that convinced.   So I  reminded him  of the  computer games  we used  to play when we were kids,  on my  old  Apple computer.     I remember that machine  well. It was  my  first  "real computer".   It was  an Apple  IIe.   When  my Dad  brought it home  I was  in awe.  This was machine that  was going bring  "the future"  right  to me...

Now  I  carry in my  POCKET a   Blackberry  that  costs a fraction of  what that machine did,  and can do  more  than  10 of  those machines ever could.  Pretty  amazing  when you  think about it.

Granted,   we don't have  flying  cars  that  take  us to  floating  cities and  shopping malls,  but  I am  typing  this blog  entry  on a netbook  computer on a wireless  network,  while  having a  Skype  video  chat  with  Eric  in London.   So  2010 may not be  the  Jetsons  or  the year  we "Make Contact"  but  all in all,  it's  shaping  up to  be  the start of a pretty cool decade.

Happy New Year ,and  New Decade  Everyone!

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Kevin said...

Amen brotha! I was talking to a friend of mine about similar things. It is interesting yet disappointing at the same time. No flying cars or 20 minute flights from NY to Tokyo, but with BlackBerrys and cell phones...how did we survive with the Apple IIc (which was my first computer, no hard drive only floppy discs).