Friday, January 29, 2010

Go see Avatar. It's driving the Conservative Nutjobs out of their minds...

Apparently  James Cameron's  mercenaries are  a little  too Blackwater-esqe,  and   their mining company employer strikes  a little  too close to home   for  Haliburton  fans. 

Awwwww...  poor  little wingnut  teabaggers  are scared of the  big  lefty  pro-environment  digital cartoon?


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Anonymous said...

At a fundamental level it could be said that the film is about the "culture" of death versus the culture of life.

It is of course obvious which/who represents the "culture" of death in the film.

This is the "culture" that all of these so called conservatives, even those that pretend to be religious, are effectively loudly cheering for in their criticisms of the Navi way of life--and their explicit support of the invading techno-barbarians