Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ok, You have GOT to be kidding me.....!

This is getting ridiculous. It's to the point now any right wing "evangelical" who rails and rants against "the gays" may as well be wearing a dress. As they CLEARLY are nothing more than closeted, self-hating hypocrites, desperate to hide their own sexual orientation and their inability to accept themselves.

Our latest closet door to fly open is that of former Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Pastor Tom Brock. Who was one of the first to claim that a tornado that struck Minneapolis during the ELCA's national convention, was "God's response" to a vote by the Church to accept Gay and Lesbian Clergy.

His videos on YouTube have all suddenly been taken down. (Gee.. I can't imagine why...) But the delightful thing about the internet is nothing really ever gets truly deleted. Here is closeted Gay Pastor Tom Brock sharing his personal fears and insecurities with the world..

. brings us the delightful details....
The Rev. Tom Brock, the senior pastor at Hope Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis, is the winner who blamed August's tornado during the ELCA conference's gay clergy vote on The Gays. Yes, for real. Brock took his congregation out of ELCA because of their tolerance for homosexuality (and funding for pastor abortions), and has spent countless sermons and YouTube videos railing against you queers. But, what's this, Brock is a member of a group therapy group for recovering homosexuals?

Brock belongs to Faith in Action, the Minnesota chapter of the Catholic Church’s Courage group, which teaches gays how to avoid giving in to their gay feelings. That's the report out of Lavender, the Gay Minnesota magazine, which exposes Brock as a member of the tribe, struggling with his same-sex attractions — which proved too great on a recent trip to Slovakia. Reporter John Townsend writes about his encounter with Brock at one of these meetings.  ==========>
It has gotten to the point now that  I can't even get  angry about this sort of thing anymore,  I just feel sorry for  people like Tom Brock.   Living a lie  is full-time job.   It drains  the energy from all other aspects of a person's  life.  Until  "protecting  the lie"  becomes  all consuming,   

This is why we end up  hearing about men like Brock, George Rekers,  Ted Haggard and their like,   When their lie finally does fall apart it is almost always in a very big and very public way.

This weekend over One Million people will converge on San Francisco for the 40th San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration and Parade. Millions of other people Straight, and Gay will do the same in cities all over the world. And what is the sinister "gay agenda" of all these celebrations? All the people who will march in these parades want people like Tom Brock to know that they really are welcome, and hope they will find the courage  to simply be themselves.

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