Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bill O'Reilly is a Terrorist Loving bigot... oh yeah, and a Pervert too...

If the recent and very public  sex scandals of  self-proclaimed ultra conservative moralists   have  taught us anything,   it is to be  justifiably suspicious  of   those who tend  to  be the most vocal about their  "opposition"  to  LGBT equality.   As these folks more often than not turn out to  perverts leading sad,  pathetic and  kinky double lives.

Which brings us to  the ever blustering,  never boring, and  oddly-gay-obsessed  Fox News superstar  Bill  O'Reilly.   Over the years  O'Reilly has had a bizarre  schizophrenic  approach to  his  treatment of  LGBT issues on his  program  "The O'Reilly Factor".   Early on in his career he  often took a  very Libertarian  approach  and  was even somewhat  critical of  things like a Constitutional Amendment to ban  same sex marriage.

Yet in more recent years mindful of his audience demographics, O'Reilly  turned around and often will  rant about  some phantom "radical homosexual agenda"  to  destroy the American Family  and way of life. 

Our good friends over  the Center for American Progress  have done the homework on this...
  • While discussing the case of two male Massachusetts prison inmates who requested prison officials' permission to marry, O'Reilly asserted that "this crazy gay marriage insanity -- is gonna lead to all kinds of things like this" like "somebody[]" coming "in and say[ing], 'I wanna marry the goat.' " (Radio Factor; 04/13/05) 
  • O'Reilly has argued that legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to nuptials between humans and other species, saying that "[o]ne of the arguments against gay marriage ... is that if it becomes law, all other alternative marital visions will be allowed." He then related the story of a British woman, Sharon Tendler, who "married" a dolphin in Israel. (O'Reilly Factor; 01/04/06)  
  • While discussing New York City Councilwoman Christine Quinn's decision to boycott Manhattan's St. Patrick's Day parade over the decision by the Ancient Order of Hibernians to ban the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization (ILGO) from marching, O'Reilly attacked Quinn, calling ILGO's potential participation in the parade "inappropriate." O'Reilly asked, "Why doesn't Ms. Quinn and others who support her wise up?" and stated: "You have your Gay Day parade. You have your Stonewall celebration. You have your Halloween deal, OK? You don't need this." 
Now let me be clear,  I do not  believe that  Bill O'Reilly is gay.  There is plenty of evidence to the contrary. What is clear, is while he may be  heterosexual he is certainly a pervert. (WARNING- the following video contains explicit language taken from court records.)

And now this sex-obsessed loudmouth freak has decided  that a company that has any marketing targeted specifically to  Gays and Lesbians may as well be marketing to  Al-Queda .  Yes,  in Bill Reilly's world being Gay is  no different than being  a terrorist.  (via Media Matters) 

Wow  that ad  has two of  three things FOX hates most.  It was French and Gay.  If they could  have found a way  to work  Hugo Chavez  or Barack Obama into it,  O'Reilly's head  would have exploded.  What is interesting here  is how often  O'Reilly  tries to link homosexuality  and  terrorism.  The two topics clearly  get him excited in ways  that  not even sharing Greek food in the shower could.

What is  clear  is this,  a sexually  dysfunctional  pervert  is comparing  millions of Americans to terrorists simply to try to show how butch he is.   Bill O'Reilly is  a freak, who's personal obsession with attacking the lives  and rights of  LGBT Americans (and French fast food patrons too apparently...) rather than adding anything to our  national debate on issues of diversity,  instead says far more about Bill O'Reilly's own personal  demons and  insecurities.

And what's more by spouting off his ignorant bile,  Bill O'Reilly  owes a huge apology to all the friends and  families of  LGBT  Americans  who  were victims of  Al-Queda.   Heroes  like  Mark Bingham who helped thwart the hijackers of  United flight 93.    (John A at  Americablog has brilliant post on this ...)

By slamming their memory and sacrifice  Bill O'Reilly  has shown his  true colors.   He is an anti American, amoral, sociopath  who equates  being  loud  with being right.

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