Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Greetings from Malaysia

Greetings from  Kuala Lumpur,  Arrived here  last Monday,  and am enjoying the  90 degree heat and  humidty sooooo much.  (Sarcasm alert...)

You know, I  think I found the best way to deal with US election crazyness,  vote early then leave the country for two weeks!    Here for  a short  holiday with Eric to visit his family and actaully spend some quality time together in the same  time zone for a change. 

Have no fear dear readers, I have not abandoned  you , and will have pleanty to say about the  U.S. Midterm elections  and how they were viewed from Asia, when I return to the States in two weeks.

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Biki said...

Have fun! Please post pictures when you get back.