Friday, November 19, 2010

These evil bigots are going to rot in Hell....

(hat tip to Joe over at  joemygod for this one...)
I hate  writing about these idiots.  I really do.   But  this  a new low even for  these anti-American, anti-Christian  hate mongers.

The self-proclaimed  "American Family Association" has thrown a hissy fit over a new policy from the  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  The new rule states that  hospitals that  bill back  to Medicare and Medicaid  cannot  deny visitation rights based on  sexual orientation.

In other words,  hospitals can't deny the same sex partner of a patient the right  to visit them in the hospital.  Something that until these new rules,  was  all too common in the United States. Even in cases where  same-sex couples had medical powers of attorney. 
Surely something as  basic as  allowing  someone in the hospital to be visited by their loved ones couldn't possibly  be  controversial .   After all, only  a heartless, soulless bastard  would  say to someone; "We don't care who you love,  you deserve to die alone..."   This is a no brainer  right?
Wrong.   -  Cue the hate filled hysteria  on the  America's  wing nut bigoted  Right.  The American Family Association calls the rule "special visitation rights" under the headline "Fed To Hospitals: Go Gay Or Go Broke."
"Certainly there are Catholic hospitals and Baptist hospitals that recognize homosexual behavior as sinful behavior and they do not want to take part in affirming homosexual sin under the strong arm of the government." 

This from Liberty Counsel's limp-wristed little spokesbigot, Matt Barber. Who objects to the new federal rules which stipulate that any hospital that receives Medicare or Medicaid funding must allow LGBT patients to be visited by their partners. The rule goes into effect in 60 days. 
These anti-Constitutional hate mongers go on to say the new rule grants Gays and Lesbians "Special Visitation Rights".    So according to the American Taliban,  having the SAME rights to visit a loved one in the hospital  just  like anyone else, is a "special right" if you happen to be Gay or Lesbian.

For these obsessed  bigots,   extending  ANY rights  to LGBT Americans  constitutes  "special rights".  To the point where these unbelievably evil people would oppose letting a patient in a hospital see his or her loved ones.
On their national radio show, these Nazi's  decried  how they could no longer force  Gays and Lesbians to die alone..
These people are insane..  They are  the domestic equivalent  of the Taliban,  seriously.   They hate  America,  they hate our freedoms,  they hate our diversity.  They seek to take a narrow ultra fundamentalist  religious perspective and  make it the law of  the land.  They may not use the same tools and tactics,  but their goals are  no different  than the radical clerics in the Middle East who seek to impose religious law on their own people.    
The American Family  Association is anything  BUT an association for American families.   They are  a hate group, no different than the Klu Klux Klan.  

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Lightning Baltimore said...

The callousness is sickening!

"This is [this is] a policy without a problem, and [and uh] I think where it is headed, is . . . they want to recognize domestic partners as the same as marriage. So, eventually, what I think [uh] Health and Human Services is going to do, is gonna ramp this policy up a little bit, and go beyond merely visiting in a hospital room . . . to who's allowed to make decisions with regards to treatments, if [if] a [uh] person is in the hospital unconcious, those kinds of things. I think where this will eventually head is a domestic partner is the same as a spouse, and they will have equal rights in determining [uh] what those decisions should be."

So the "Christian," family positive thing to do is keep gay couples apart, if one is in need of medical treatment decisions or is dying.

At least the scumbag admits he doesn't think we deserve equal rights when it comes to the medical care of our other halves.