Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last Night on American Network Television..

On FOX no less...

Fear, bigotry, hatred  and homophobia lost.

All those who ranted that such a thing,  as what happened last night on prime-time TV would "destroy America", are now exposed for what they really are.   People like Newt (thrice-married adulterer) Gingrich,  Sarah (unmarried pregnant daughter) Palin,  Tony (gay kids should just kill themselves) Perkins, and   Maggie (hating people is what I do best) Gallagher  all got their asses kicked last night.  Their fear mongering, lies and outright hatred of other Americans failed.  

So what was it that defeated them?  What  showed the world that everything these hate mongers  have said  is just ignorant bile with no basis in reality or truth?

Just a tiny little television show....  called  Glee

Over the course of today there have been a slew of reactions  across the blogosphere, the vast majority of which have are overwhelmingly positive.   There were a few comments posted on the Los Angeles Times media blog from people claiming to be "concerned parents"  who didn't feel it was appropriate for teens to see  two boys kissing.   One commenter claimed  the kiss was  too  "confusing" for her teenage daughter.


If  these kids are any indication,  it's safe to say that the teens of America were not at all confused  by last night's episode.

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indoraga said...

This episode not yet aired here in Asia. I wonder how they will censor the kiss, LOL

anto@jakarta - remember me? :-D