Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well, that didn't take long...

Two days after announcing a hold on same sex couple deportations, the USCIS says  "whoops! Not really!"  (hat tip to The Advocate)

Official: No Hold on Gay Immigration Cases

Immigration officials say they will no longer put a hold on the cases of binational married gay couples, just two days after U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that action on such cases would be halted pending further legal guidance. 

Wednesday morning USCIS press secretary Christopher S. Bentley toldThe Advocate that the agency had received legal guidance to lift the hold it had issued Monday. The guidance was issued in the form of written communications from the Office of the General Counsel at Department of Homeland Security (USCIS is a component of DHS). 

Bentley declined to release any of the written documents at this time, saying it was privileged communication. He emphasized that the official policy itself within DHS had never changed.
Well so much for that... Turns out the "Abeyance" or hold on same sex partner deportations is over.

I don't know WHY so many people are surprised by this... ALL of the promises made by then Senator Obama, to the LGBT community in 2008 were just hot air.

We will hear them again in 2012. The President will barnstorm around the country claiming HE repealed Don't Ask, Don't Tell.   He didn't.  Congress did.  The President didn't lobby, didn't act, didn't do diddly-squat.   Oh sure,  AFTER all the work was done, he was glad to jump in.   The ONLY thing he did was sign the bill.  Important to be sure,  but hardly "fierce advocacy".

Over the next 18 months, the President will tout how he has "Stopped Defending DOMA" (while hoping nobody asks about the ENFORCEMENT of DOMA, or how for the first 3 years in office he defended DOMA by comparing same sex marriage to incest...)
So I guess it's time to (once again) point out the BLINKING OBVIOUS... (everybody join in.. this time with feeling!)


President Barack Obama, is a centrist.  A  timid one at that.  He wants to govern but he doesn't want to actually have to lead.  Now that being said,  we all can agree that he is light years better than ANY of the GOP Wingnut lunatics  that want to replace him.  But frankly, at this point,   that  isn't saying much.

Also,  what is even more apparent this past week, given his behavior;  it is starting to become clear, that deep deep down, the President  believes the Gays are kinda icky.   To be fair,  I think he feels BAD about believing that,  but not bad enough to actually change anything.
We waited, my husband and I. We hoped, we donated, we campaigned and we believed. Now three years later,  we have  this latest 'bait and switch- back" on DOMA and Immigration equality.  It has  just proved to us, that we were right this past year to give up on President Obama, and move to the UK.
I said this on Monday,  and  it keeps ringing true;  The BEST the LGBT community can hope for out of Barack Obama, is that he moves from a position of actively opposing marriage equality to one of passive indifference.

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