Monday, May 30, 2011

Take That! Newsweek...

(Hat tip to  JoeMyGod)

Earlier this year,  Newsweek  Magazine ran a piece  entitled  "America's Dying Cities..."   One of the cities it named  was  Grand Rapids, Michigan, which came in at  number ten on  their list,

Being from  Madison, Wisconsin originally,  I normally would not mind the national media  engaging in a bit of Michigan bashing, but this seemed to be hitting below the belt.

Many cities in the U.S. are struggling to  recover from the  recession , but to  label a city as "dying"  is a bit much.

The good people of Grand Rapids seem to agree.  They responded to  Newsweek's  death notice for their city  with the following  video.

Now I know  lots of people  who really hate this song, (I'm not none of them, but I will grant that is one of those tunes that should be forever banned in Karaoke  bars..)   But you have to give props to the folks in Grand Rapids.   The video is brilliant....

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aNothWestView said...

That was so good, its nice to see a community pull together and tell the out of touch expert predictions your wrong!!