Sunday, November 20, 2011

GOP 2012 - Why There is Nothing Left to Say....

Blogging tends to be something of a self-indulgent pastime. You pour your thoughts, ideas, opinions, pet peeves, hopes and dreams out onto a keyboard and post them on the internet with the hope that they are read and understood.  Yet with some topics there comes a point where  there is nothing more you can say.

With the 2012  Republican  Presidential  primary process,  we have reached such a point.

For the most part I have not posted much about the 2012 Republican Presidential candidates. Mostly because I kept expecting the somewhat crowded,  and nonsensical herd of lunatics to eventually thin out, leaving two or at the most three,  semi-rational contenders for the GOP nomination.

Yet  less than three months  out from the  Iowa Caucus  and  New Hampshire Primary,  the most  amazing  thing so far  about  the  2012 GOP race  has been the  complete  lack of  sanity,  rationality  or  even  reality.    There have now been  11 GOP "Presidential Debates"  each one  less rational than the one before it.  Culminating  with last night's   "Family Values Debate"  in  Iowa.  Hosted by the American Family  Association.  A group that  the Southern Poverty Law Center  has  officially classified as a Hate Group.

I have posted  in the past  about  AFA and  what bunch of hate-filled nutters they are.   It boils down to  this;   They are  the American Taliban.  They  want to  take their extremist  religious beliefs and  codify them into Civil Law.  All the while shrieking hysterically  about the (non-existent)  threat of  Islamic Sharia law taking over  America.   I won't  waste time or  blog space re-hashing the  limitless examples of  how  insane these people are.   If you are really that curious  you can see for yourself, by clicking here.

The "debate" was not  carried  on any of the American television  networks.  This event  was so, ugly, so far removed  from reality that  even  FOX News didn't  broadcast it.   So when your  "Presidential  Candidates Debate" is too nutty for even  FOX,  congratulations; - the Shark has officially been jumped.  So much so, that the two Republican hopefuls who most need to win the approval of "social conservatives",   didn't even bother to show up.  Former front runner  Mitt Romney,  and  current  "is he still running?" candidate John Huntsman,  both Mormons,  knew  that their own  religious  beliefs  would be as big a target  as  abortion and  Gay Rights.  

 Knowing that  there was no way they would  get out of there with their political lives,  they wisely opted out.  Which then  prompted this twitter hissy-fit  response from  the AFA's  spokes-bigot.   (hat tip to  joemygod)

So last night, six of the eight GOP hopefuls strove to show the AFA and its assorted minions just how uber-socially conservative each of the them was. Struggling at times to show just how much more they hated Gays and Women's rights to control their own bodies, and loved  Jesus, than their opponents. 

The best moment, came when a question was asked, about a possible U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning the Defense of Marriage Act. (DOMA),  the Federal Law that bans recognition for Same Sex Marriage. Former Godfather's Pizza CEO and alleged serial sexual harasser Herman Cain just couldn't resist showing his complete ignorance of the U.S. Constitution.

Did you get that?  According to  Herman Cain, and Newt  (thrice married serial adulterer) Gingrich,  the President of the United States  can  just  "overturn"  Supreme Court rulings he  doesn't like.  Well, that's  nifty.

The result of all this may well be the death of political blogging until after the 2012 GOP National Convention. Why? Simple, there is nothing left to say. There are only so many ways to express gob-smacked incredulity. Eventually the English language exhausts itself trying to express shock and dismay at people so completely detached from reality, devoid of sanity, and ignorant of basic American principles.

People who truly believe that those who ran our economy into the ground for the benefit of a select view,  are to be admired, and people who created prosperity  and opportunity for  all  are "socialists out to destroy America".

The level of delusion on the American Right Wing, is beyond belief. It is no longer Political,   it is pathological.

To anyone  who  would even be considering  voting for any of these people.  I have only one question.    Why do you hate  America?

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Biki said...

I watched that clip with an ever growing sense of disbelief. Holy Flying Elephants Batman! We got us some crazies running for an office that includes the "Button" of death.

The reason these hate groups keep screaming about the Taliban wanting and attempting to take over the country is to keep us busy so we dont notice that they are attempting to force christian "sharia" law on all Americans. These evil doers are working out in the open under the friendly tent of "family values". Its time we shred their tent and let the light and truth in.

My question to you is this, if the Southern Poverty Law Center has officially labeled AFA as a hate group, why do so many people still listen to them? Why do news shows/channels always invite them to "debate" any lgbt issues? That would be akin to having the KKK show up to debate black issues, right?

The glbt needs a media arm where anytime a recognized hate is invited to talk about glbt issues, they are stormed with masses of emails, texts, tweets, calls, etc... Unless we tell them how wrong it is they wont change.

Your not self-indulgent one bit. I like your outlook on things, and hate that you had to leave your country to have it all.