Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Moments...

Commuting in and out of Central London  during these Olympic Games has been something of a mixed bag. Londoners were inundated  with  dire warnings  of transit  chaos.   "Plan ahead!  Don't get caught out!"; was the slogan we heard and saw everywhere.  

My commute usually consists of three trains. First is the London Overground.  To my friends in  San Francisco,  think of the Overground as kind of like BART.   Then I change to the London Underground  Jubilee Line, and finally the Northern Line which puts me about a block walk from my Office.

The Jubilee Line  is one of the main arteries  in and out of the Olympic Park,  so I have for the most part tried to avoid it, and the London Overground.   But all  the predictions of mass chaos on the trains have not come to pass.  It  seems that  most people  heeded the call and have either left town or,  (like me)  have found alternative routes to get in to work in the Mornings.   So much so that  as it turns out,  the trains  are actually less crowded than normal.    So today I figured I would risk it,  and give my normal commute a try.

It was pretty much  the same as any normal day.  As I  stood  reading my morning paper,  I noticed a worried looking older couple, who were staring intently  at the system map.  They clearly weren't sure where to get off .  I asked if they were looking to change for the Olympic Park. They said  yes, and asked if I knew where to transfer to the Jubilee Line.  I said not to worry,  and  said to just follow me, when I got off the train.  They looked very relieved and thanked me.

As we were chatting,  I asked  where they were from,  and if they were going to see any Olympic events today.  It turns out they were from New Zealand, and were  on their way to see their Daughter compete in field hockey. They were so excited, nervous and very proud of their "little girl".   Suddenly all the other people standing around us , started to congratulate them and wish them and  their Daughter good luck. 

It was,  for lack of a better term for it;  a wonderful  "Olympic Moment".  So my  own countrymen and women  can forgive me if  for one day I find myself  rooting for the New Zealand  Women's  field Hockey team.    

Go Team NZ!

UPDATE! -  The  New Zealand  Women "All Blacks"  won their match today.


Kevin said...

It sounds like a story I've heard over the years that originated over there...something about a Scout offering directions to a notable man in the Boy Scouts of America...

Joshua Feyen said...

Thanks for sharing this great story Dave!