Saturday, August 04, 2012

Chick-Fil-A Boycott? .... Yawn.

For those of you who have been paying attention to, well,  you know... real news.  You may have missed this one.  A fast food Chicken restaurant chain in the United States called Chick-Fil-A, apparently is owned by someone who doesn't like Gay people and donates money to anti-gay causes and groups.

Pro-LGBT rights activists began an boycott of Chick-Fil-A which led to outrage and cries of "denying Chick-Fil-A's first amendment rights", by social conservatives. Who then declared August 1st   as "Chick-fil-A appreciation day", and  flooded the place in droves to show their support for the company's CEO, and  their collective  hatred of  the Gays, and I guess,  love for deep fried processed chicken parts.  

To be perfectly honest, I had never even heard of Chick-Fil-whatever before all the hubub. Frankly, since I was never going to eat there anyway I really couldn't care what the owner does with his own money. But it's worth pointing out the hypocrisy on the Right is a bit more telling than usual.

When "Social Conservatives"  boycott companies like ,  gee... I don't know.  Companies like  Disney,  JC Penny,  DC Comics,  EA Games, Marvel Comics. Target,  Google,  Apple,  Toys R Us,  and pretty much any other  Fortune  500 Company that includes  sexual orientation in their non-discrimination policies;  THAT is  exercising their freedom of Speech.   But  when LGBT rights activists do the exact  same thing?  That is  apparently  an ATTACK  on freedom of speech. 
You have to love  wing-nut logic.    

I really don't  care  if  people eat  at  Chick-Fil-A or not.    Personally I think  the CEO's anti-gay sentiments are  the least of the reasons  to avoid  the place.   Your health  being  a far better reason to not eat there.  But  what is good for one side is good for both.   I  make it a point to  support the companies  that  make the  Human Rights Campaign pro-equality index.    So if   homophobes  want to stuff their faces  with  greasy hormone filled pseudo-food,  to show  how icky they think  Gays and Lesbians are.  I say,  knock your selves out kids!


Don said...

Dave, just because someone opposes gay marriage, doesn't mean they hate gay people. While I don't agree with his stance he has every right to express it. Chick Fil a employs straight and gay people. It will serve anyone who has the money to pay for the food. It also has the best service and some of the healthiest food of any fast food restaurant. Nobody was worried about people boycotting CFA until the mayors of Boston, Chicago and San Francisco said they would ban CFA from locating in their cities. It seems to me that government officials trying to outlaw a legal business because because of a political belief of the owner goes against one of those pesky amendments to the constitution. The owner of the company is an evangelistic Baptist and will never be for gay marriage. But that is not going to stop gay marriage from happening, it is an inevitablity.

Dave said...

Don, You miss my point. None of the Mayors spouting off about Chick-Fil-A not being welcome in their cities have the power to prevent CFA from opening restaurants there if they so wished. None of them said they would "ban" CFA (another false talking point courtesy of FOX), they said CFA was not welcome, or not consistent with their cities "values". But none of the Mayors have the power to ban CFA and you know it. This is about the sheer HYPOCRISY on the right when it comes to calling a boycott "Free Speech".

Kevin said...

It's silly....I just wanna eat some yummy chicken :-)

Don said...

Dave I don't get my news from FOX. Nor MSNMBC. (I do watch both to get laughs and sometimes blow a gasket). And while I know those mayors don't have the power to prevent a restaurant from opening in their city, it doesn't mean they wouldn't try to prevent it.

Also nobody said that the LGBT community didn't have the right to boycott but it was only when public officials said they would not be welcome in their communities that the right started the eat at chick fil a counter protest (I don't know what to call it really).

I disagree with Mr Cathey's stance on gay marriage (I don't think the government should have anything to do with marriage period except to honor the terms of the contract that marriage is)

But I still like their food. I have many friends who got their first job at Chik fil a (both straight and gay friends) they learned a great work ethic.

But pointing out hypocrisy on the right while ignoring on the left (there is plenty of hypocrisy on both sides to overload the internet) is just naive.

Also it's damn near impossible to read your captcha to prove I'm not a robot. (Maybe that means I am, hmm.)