Sunday, May 30, 2010

Greetings from London

Taking  some  much needed  personal  time,  and  spending the long Memorial Day weekend here in London with Eric.  Interestingly enough the  BP Oil spill  may actually be a bigger story here than it is in the States.

The Ipad  came out here yesterday. lines around  the Apple Store in Regent Street  stretched  around the block, I fought the impulse to scream  "NEVER BUY THE FIRST VERSION OF ANYTHING APPLE MAKES!!!"   Sex in the City 2  opened here  on  Thursday night,  people  camped out in Leicester Square  days before hand  to catch a glimpse of  Sara JP and her  cohorts  as they arrived for the premiere.  I  fought the impulse to scream "IT'S A MOVIE ABOUT AGING HOOKERS!"  On the political front here,  a  Gay  Liberal Democrat who was  named  to head the  Treasury  here in the UK  had to resign  when it   it  was revealed he  had been claiming  reimbursement for rent paid on a flat  that was in a building  that  was owned by his long term partner, to the tune of  $57,000.00  - ouch.

So it's  "not for personal gain"  when you  bilk the taxpayers  for  forty thousand  pounds but give  that money to your  boyfriend....  Nice,  wish Eric  and I could figure out  a scheme  like that.

Oh well,  Back to  the US  next week.

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