Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Iowa Legislature Votes to Add Bigotry to its Constitution

Being from Wisconsin,   I often have made my share of  ""Iowa Jokes".   But  have always felt a quiet grudging affection for  my fellow Midwesterners on the other side of the Mississippi  River.   Their characteristics  brilliantly cataloged  in one of the opening numbers from Meridith Wilson's  "The Music Man"...

Sadly now I find myself thinking  that  it is the crude jokes  about Iowa that may have been closer to the truth;

From oneiowa

DES MOINES – The Iowa House today, by a vote of 62-37, passed an amendment (House Joint Resolution 6) that would deny any form of legal recognition for gay couples. The amendment seeks to prohibit not only the freedom to marry for gay couples, but also civil unions or domestic partnerships.

The bill now moves on to the Iowa Senate, where Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal has vowed to fight attempts to pass the amendment. If passed through both legislative bodies in two consecutive General Assemblies, the issue could be on the ballot as soon as 2013.
“The proposed amendment devalues families and divides Iowans,” said One Iowa Executive Director Carolyn Jenison. “The Constitution is meant to protect the freedoms and liberties of all Iowans. It is inappropriate to use the political process to single out and deny a group of Iowans of their constitutional protections.”

“This goes beyond politics,” said Iowa City resident Katie Imborek. “This is about our family and the ability for Paula and me to care for one another and our two children. At a time when so many Iowans are struggling just to make ends meet, I don’t understand why legislators would choose to take up this issue.”

The vote came after 19 year old Zach Wahls  spoke against  the measure,  do yourself a favor and watch what this remarkable young man had to say...

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