Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You know what Conservatives? I Really Don't Care...

Ok...   When I sat down to write this blog post,  I was  all set  to give example after example of how the modern day GOP/TeaParty/Social/Fiscal/Fill-in-the blank/ Conservative moment,  has completely lost its mind and gone  totally insane.   What prompted  that original intention?  Well  everyone's favorite bouncing adam's apple of  bigotry,  Ann Coulter. Seen here, on Sean Insanity's  show  with   her traditional post-CPAC rant,  of how anyone who doesn't agree with her, is out to "destroy the family".    If you have a strong stomach,  feel free to watch the video.  For me, after a couple of seconds,   I find I've reached my quota of crazy...

I was all set to cite example upon example of how it is  lunatics like Coulter  who have been "attacking the Family" non-stop since the Reagan Era. I had  scores of sound bytes, video clips, and quote after quote showing as clear as clear can be, just how hateful, stupid,  anti family, anti American and just plain mentally deranged,  people like Ann Coulter really are.

But.. you know what? I don't care. For over five years now I have blogged about the lies, the hypocrisy the bigotry and greed on the American Right. Frankly, I'm tired.

I'm tired of the same people who are on their third and fourth marriages, serial adulterers who have no problem cheating on their spouses, who pray the loudest on Sundays after hiring sex workers on Saturday night, who sexually harass their subordinates, and feel they have the right to use the power of their elected offices to hide all of it; Telling me that I'm the sinner, and therefore discrimination against me is a civil imperative to "protect marriage, and the family".

I am tired of being told by draft dodgers, that war profiteers are somehow more patriotic and "support the troops" more than people who actually served our nation in war. I'm tired of being told that the American President who tripled our national debt, more than doubled the size of the Government and had a family life so dysfunctional,   you could have roped them off, and charged admission to view it;  somehow is now the model for fiscal conservatism, smaller government and "family values".

So this is what America has come to; Republicans who only serve the wealthiest of the wealthy, TeaBaggers who wave the Constitution like a banner, but understand none of it.  American Talibangelicals, who scream hysterically about the threat of "Sharia Law", but want to impose their own fundamentalist extremist beliefs on the rest of us. Cartoonish TV nutjobs ranting about birth certificates and some mysterious coming Muslim Caliphate.

Add to this sad cast of mentally misfit toys, a failed half-term Governor who can't express a coherent thought, unless excessively coached, and when caught out for that, hams up her accent and blames the "lame stream gotcha media". THIS is what passes for public discourse in the United States in 2011.

So I say go ahead, shut down the government. Refuse to raise the debt ceiling. Let the good faith and credit of the United States collapse. Destroy what is left of the middle class. To hell with the long-term unemployed. Eliminate Social Security and Medicare. Drag the United States of America into a new gilded age of the super rich, and the super poor and nothing else. Make us into a country doesn't build, doesn't invent, doesn't achieve. Turn the United States into a country that says sacrifice is for suckers, and greed is God.

The rest of the World may, for a little while,  lament our demise.  But soon,  they will  move on,  quite content without us. China, Russia, India, and many others will smile and applaud,  as the GOP completely destroys what is left of the American Manufacturing sector.  Mexico, Japan and South Korea must have quietly cheered this past week,  when the talking heads on FOX News frothed at the mouth with outrage over Chrysler giving hourly workers a bonus this year. While at the same time, insisting that multi million dollar bonuses (at taxpayer expense) for AIG executives were necessary to "keep America moving forward".

In 2012,   I say elect Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin . Create a new congressional committee to investigate anyone in government who isn't a white, (supposedly ) heterosexual, evangelical Christian. Hand over the National Parks to Oil Companies, Timber Companies and Mining Corporations. Eliminate science from public schools. Teach American kids, that the Earth is only 6,000 years old,  and the human race began with two fully formed people, who rode around a garden on dinosaurs, chatting it up with talking snakes.

In short, turn the United States of America into Teabagistan. Then when Mexico and Canada put troops on their borders to stop the influx of illegal immigrants from the U.S., you can beat your chest proudly and talk of "American Exceptional-ism'.  All while waiting in the breadline at your local soup kitchen, trying not to wonder out loud  why the rapture hasn't beamed you up yet.

There is no point in trying to reason with the American Right . Reason involves facts and reality. Two things the American Right Wing has learned to be quite comfortable living without. So I say to my Conservative and Libertarian friends,  good luck. The rest of the world thanks you,  for all you have done to eliminate their competition.

Well done indeed...     I'm sure the mythical Ronald Reagan you worship were he ever to have existed, would have been very proud.

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