Thursday, February 10, 2011

WingNut Cat Fight!!

Ah..  CPAC !   The annual  "Conservative Political Action Conference".   The  Cirque du Silly  of  American politics,   kicked off today in Washington D.C.  But not before  the  "eating their own"  purge-fest, that is the modern "conservative movement" managed to bang its own head  into the wall a few times.

First, as always,   it was  the Gays.   A gay GOP group called  "GoProud"   is one of the groups sponsoring  CPAC this year.  For  everyone's  favorite  American Taliban spokesbigot  Tony Perkins,  that  was a bridge too far...

Then there was Sarah Palin.  Or, more accurately there WASN'T  Sarah Palin.   She was invited to deliver the coveted end of conference  keynote address, but declined  citing scheduling conflicts.   Which prompted this little teabagger tantrum  from  WingNut Presidential Wanna-be   Rick Santorum:

Not one to take any criticism  lying down. "Caribou Barbie"  was  quick to  pop up on  Sean Insanity's  show  to respond to  defend  "Palin, Inc."  in true "mama grizzly" fashion:

I have often said that nobody  excels  at  turning victory into defeat  quite like liberals,  but  when it comes to  in-house cat fights, and attacking your own,  you gotta love  the  Conservatives,  they  are  masters  at  self-annihilation.

Earlier today,  Santorum was uh... 'frothing"  it up at the podium  espousing  his beliefs that  all Americans are  in fact not equal in the eyes of the law but only  (his)  God  can say who is equal.

Then in true  American Taliban style, Santorum  went on to say he wants Government (the judiciary) to get out of our lives  by  ..(wait for it...)  having the Government  (the executive and legislative) totally control our lives!  In Santorum's America,   the Federal Government has no business regulating  Banks,  but  every right to control what a woman can go to the doctor for.

Because after all, America  actually belongs to (his) God.

If this year's  CPAC is  any indication of the  state of the  modern "conservative movement",  the  Obama's  really  don't  need to worry about  moving  out of the  White House  come  January, 2013.

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