Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reaction to the State of the Union Address Last Night...

What came through the loudest in the SOTU last night was confirmation of everything we have seen over the past two years. Barack Obama is not a liberal or a progressive, he is a pro-business centrist.

I think part of the reason GOP obstruction has so baffled him, is because in truth the President feels that he and the GOP want essentially the same things, only in slightly different packaging.

The President's passing reference to "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was about as significant as GOP Respondent Paul Ryan's attempt to placate the Tea Part by invoking "the Founders". The Progressive base of the Democratic Party knows that when President Obama talks about progressive social issues, it means he would be willing to smile and take credit as he signs a bill, AFTER Congressional Democrats carry ALL the water to get it passed.

What was most significant about the speech tonight was what was NOT said.

For anyone hoping for movement on Marriage or Workplace equality, the restoration of sanity to our gun control laws, or  a clear non-negotiable commitment to protect Social Security, the President's  message was clear....

The Obama Administration will gladly sacrifice a progressive social agenda to cut deals on a centrist economic one.

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