Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wow...The American Taliban Finally Admits it...

(hat tip to Wonkette for finding this amazing video.)

I have often blogged about how the Conservative Religious Right in the United States has the same overall aims as the Taliban in Afghanistan. While their methods are NOT the same. (though the family of  Dr. George Tiller might disagree...) Their overall aims are very similar. They seek to take their religious beliefs and turn those beliefs into civil law.

One of the great ironies of the Conservative movement is how many of their key leaders love to scream hysterically about some completely non-existent "threat" of  Islamic or "Sharia" law.  While at the same time seeking to impose a nearly identical form of religious law on the United States.

For all their rants about the threat of "Big Government" , these people have NO problem with idea that government should have total control over a women's reproductive health.

They have NO problem with Government saying what can and cannot happen in your bedroom, and they clearly believe the First Amendment applies ONLY to them. Their religious beliefs are the only ones that are "real" and therefore are the only ones that merit Government support and protection.

This fact, while always understood within the religious right, has never really been advocated publicly out in the open. That is until now. Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV  recently explained why the United States needs a Christian dictator. One of his main reasons is that pro-gay, pro-abortion "parasitic" liberals get to vote. You may want to sit down before you watch this lunatic...

I have always said that people like Tony Perkins at the "Family Research Council", Pat Robertson, and James Dobson over at "Focus on the Family" , hate our democracy. They know that when faced with putting their true beliefs before the electorate they lose. Normally I would not waste time or blog space on these people, because they make it far too easy to ridicule them. They are so filled with hate against Americans and anyone else for that matter who is not made in their image. 

That Video is the very definition of irrational religous-based hatred. And for once I find myself in agreement with George W. Bush.    When asked to explain why there are groups and people who hate America, his patented response was always; "the extremists hate our freedoms." And he was absolutely right.

The American Evangelical Right, like their Islamic fundamentalist cousins, cannot abide a pluralistic society. 

These Fundamentalist Christian Jihadists clearly hate the United States Constitution. The right to control one's own life, body, mind and spirit is a threat to them, and frankly scares them silly. They hate our freedoms. Yet the wonderful irony is that our system of pluralism, and the freedoms it provides is what gives the people like Michael Voris the right to spew his craziness all over the internet.

Make no mistake, or as President Obama might say; "let me be clear...", if people like Voris, Dobson, and Perkins had their way, only those people who march in lockstep with them, would have the right to vote.


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Anonymous said...

Voris is a sad, closeted, self-hating blowhard (with a terrible hair-piece!!).