Thursday, January 13, 2011

At the SF Airport, waiting to board my fight to London...

I am sitting here in the  International Terminal  at  the San Francisco Airport (SFO), my flight to London  will start boarding in about an hour or so.  I only was back here in the states for  11 days.  The reason for the  quick turn-around however is  very very cool...

I'm getting married  next Monday.

That's right,  after  countless trips back and forth across the Atlantic, endless hours  talking to each other  over web cams and  instant messenger,  and SMS texts,  Eric and I are  finally  getting married.  Hence the need  for the  multiple  trips  back and forth .

The end of this  long long LONG march  down the aisle  finally came into view on  December 29th, when we went to our local county clerks office  (Council Registry Office) in Lewisham, in South London.  Where after much waiting  and  seperate "interviews"  our names  when up on a board in the hallway.  Announcing  to the good people of  Lewisham our intention to tie the knot.  Then we had to wait  fifteen days and nights (which is really 16 days,  they are not fooling anyone...)   for anyone who had cause to object to formally  do so.   Shockingly enough, nobody did. which brings us to this next week.
On Monday, January 17th  at  Eleven O'Clock  in the the morning  Eric and I will  walk back into the  Lewisham Registry Office and do what  many American Evangelical Conservatives have constant nightmares about.   We will enter into a state sanctioned legally binding monogamous relationship between two consenting adults of no  direct family relation...and the same gender.  (gasp!)  

The world is sure to come to to a cataclysmic end.  So you better get out  your  "rapture jammies" now.  So  I  can assume that  all my conservative friends,  who don't believe Eric and I have the same rights as they do  to the "Pursuit of Happiness",  will all be getting divorced  next week.   After all, according to their leaders,   I am "attacking" their marriages.

James Dobson and his assorted ilk all have talked about their "fears" about  what  same sex marriage will do to America. Well boys,   here's hoping  we are  the cause of your nightmares for years to come.

Dave & Eric


Kim Stewart said...

with tears in my eyes...that was beautiful. Godspeed and congratulations!!!!!!!!!

BadgerBeach said...

Love the blog. Love the video. Love you both even more. Congrats.

Kelly said...

We're ALL precious in his sight! Thanks for letting us share your heart-wrenching journey and know that we love you and are so over the top happy for you and Eric! Go! Be happy - you deserve the best!
Hugs & Love!